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​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL

Standby Power Generator Service, Repair & Installation in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL

Reliable Power Systems has been in the generator business in South Florida since 2002. We know the generator business and have been the most reliable generator installer in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ through all the worst storms. Owner Rob Biscardi has over 30 years of electrical experience, and he also owns the noted Reliable Electrical Services, Inc. In addition to selling generators, we also service and maintain existing generators.

For generator services in the ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ area, trust our team at Reliable Power Systems – give us a call at 561.757.4402.

We offer our customers a range of services in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, including:

  • Generator installation: Avoid power losses during the worst weather in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ with a standby generator from Reliable Power Systems. We can arrange everything from the installation permits and HOA permissions to pouring the slab and securing the generator into place. We provide professional, reliable generator installation to help keep your family comfortable and safe during a storm.
  • Generator repair: Do you need help with your generator? Whether it needs minor repairs or a major overhaul, our skilled technicians can help. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and the experience to service all major brands and models. We offer dependable generator repair throughout ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL, and the surrounding areas.
  • Generator replacement: If your generator has provided years of use, it may simply have too much wear to remain dependable. When that time comes, turn to our team at Reliable Power Systems for a generator replacement. We can remove the old generator, install a new one, complete the wiring, and acquire all the permits and permissions necessary for the installation.
  • Generator maintenance:Avoid breakdowns and premature wear with our generator maintenance plans from Reliable Power Systems. They include two, three, or four service visits a year, as well as annual inspections and load testing, plus guaranteed service in 24 hours or less.
  • Underground liquid propane installation: We can install tanks for our customers who do not have an existing liquid propane tank or natural gas running to their property. Depending on our business load, we may install the tank ourselves or outsource the installation to a reliable contractor in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​.

Standby Generator Products: We Install in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL

We offer our customers in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ a range of generator types and brands.

We sell and service Briggs and Stratton standby generators, and we feature some of the best models available, including:

  • Partial-home generators:Keep your most essential circuits going during power loss with a partial-home generator. It is a cost-effective way to keep your family safe and comfortable during outages, powering the HVAC system, select appliances, communications, and lighting circuits.
  • Whole-house generators:Make power losses inconsequential with a whole-house generator from Reliable Power Systems. With automatic, whole-home transfer switches and plenty of power, whole-home generators can produce reliable power for all the circuits in your home with only a minimal interruption in service.
  • Commercial three-phase generators: Don’t let your ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ business come to a standstill during a power outage. Install a commercial three-phase generator from Reliable Power Systems to keep the lights on, the registers working, and your customers satisfied.

Don’t let storms and outages affect your home or business. Choose Reliable Power Systems for dependable generator installation, maintenance, and repair in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL. Call 561.757.4402 or contact us online for service today!

Generac Standby Generator Services in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL

Whether you are powering a home, a small business, or a large commercial building, you need your standby generator to work when the power goes out. At Reliable Power Systems, we are proud to sell, service, and support the full line of Generac standby generators. Not only are they dependable sources of power during thunderstorms, hurricanes, and power outages, but Generac standby generators are also quite cost-effective.

As authorized Generac Premier dealer, we provide complete service and support for Generac products, including:

Call us today at 561.757.4402 or contact us online to schedule service for your Generac generator today.

Emergency Generator Services in ​Lake Clarke Shores ​, FL

As a ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ resident, you know it’s vital to be prepared for hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. When you lose power during a hurricane or other powerful storm, a standby generator can quickly and accurately meet your home’s power needs.

Your home’s standby generator can be your first line of defense when you suffer a power outage. Reliable Power Systems is a full-service, family-owned business that’s provided emergency standby generator services since 2002. We offer 24/7 emergency generator support and backup power service 365 days a year.

Thousands of ​Lake Clarke Shores ​ and other South Florida families depend on Reliable Power Systems to be there for them during times of power outages, including during a hurricane. We know the difference reliable power can make during times of crisis. A standby generator:

  • Ensures fast, automatic delivery of emergency power
  • Allows you to maintain your home’s comfort level
  • Ensures your refrigerated food supply is protected
  • Keeps the lights on
  • Provides life-saving power to home medical equipment

When you have a standby generator problem during a storm or hurricane, Reliable Power Systems is the company to call for fast, friendly, and reliable service. Contact us online today or call us at 561.757.4402.

Frequently Asked Standby Generator Questions

How often should my generator be serviced?

Things like the oil and air filter should be checked monthly at a minimum, and the entire generator system should be professionally serviced and inspected at least twice a year. At Reliable Power Systems, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans that include a choice of two, three, or four service visits a year, complete with all the routine maintenance required for your generator.

What can I do to keep my generator running at its best?

Check the oil monthly and top it off when necessary. Check the air filter at the same time and replace it if it is dirty or clogged. Keep the area around the generator clean of debris, including lawn furniture, toys, landscaping, tall grasses, and shrubs.

What size generator do I need?

This will depend on the number of devices you intend to operate during an outage and the total wattage they consume. Generators run most efficiently at about 50% load, so it’s a good idea to choose a generator that is rated for about twice your required output. At Reliable Power Systems, we can help you select the best standby generator for your needs.


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