Generator Maintenance in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade & Martin Counties

You probably don’t think twice about taking your car in for a tune-up and oil change every few months, because you recognize that preventive maintenance is the key to a reliable, efficient vehicle. You should have the same mindset about your backup generator, even though you don’t use it nearly as often.

If you only think about your generator when a hurricane is approaching your South Florida home, you could be in trouble. After all, while generators are robust and built to last, batteries die, fuses blow, sensitive electronics fail, and small animals chew through wiring. Your generator is vital to keeping your home or business running smoothly during a power outage, so this is an investment worth protecting.

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Backup Generator Troubleshooting Tips

Before you call for generator maintenance or repair, you may want to try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the high-temperature light: If the light is illuminated, this means your generator is overheating. To treat this problem, switch off the unit, unscrew the oil cap on the crankcase, and pour a quart of approved motor oil inside.
  • Reset any tripped circuit breakers: Check the receptacles on the generator. If the button is sticking out, push it back in to re-engage the circuit breaker and fix the problem.
  • Make sure the generator is sitting level: The unit may cut off automatically if it’s on an uneven surface. Place a level on top of the generator, and if you discover it’s sitting crooked, use wooden blocks to correct the balance.
  • Adjust the fuel valve: If your generator is running roughly, locate the valve on the side of the unit and switch it to the “on” position.

If your attempts to troubleshoot your generator prove unsuccessful, call Reliable Power Systems today to schedule home generator repair or maintenance.

How Long Can You Run a Whole-House Generator?

Propane Tanks for Generators

If your generator stopped providing power the last time you used it, you might be wondering how many hours a generator should last. As long as there’s a supply of natural gas or propane, a well-maintained backup generator should continue operating nonstop.

An efficient Generac generator running on a 500-gallon propane tank should operate 24 hours a day for over a week. If you don’t see this level of performance from your unit, that’s a sign you need home generator repair.

How Often Should You Service a Generator?

We recommend an annual generator maintenance visit and a generator monitoring system. Let us work with you to customize a plan that makes sense for your generator and power requirements.

Generator Maintenance Agreements

Our Basic Maintenance Agreement meets the needs of most of our residential customers. When you purchase equipment from our generator maintenance company, you’ll receive one year of basic service for free. We encourage you to renew your maintenance agreement after the first year for continued peace of mind.

The maintenance checklist and benefits of our Basic Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Visual inspection, including mechanical and electrical systems
  • Oil and filter change as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Test functionality of generator and transfer switches by simulating a power outage
  • Emergency response time of 24 hours or less
  • Running test under load (1x per year)
  • 5% off any additional non-warranty service work on generator
  • 10% off any electrical service work at your residence or business (this is an added benefit that we can offer through Reliable Electrical Services)

If you purchased a generator from another dealer, and now you require maintenance or repair, Reliable Power Systems can provide the services you need.

What Are the Benefits of Routine Generator Maintenance?

There are tons of benefits to routine generator tune-ups:

  • Your generator will always run, especially when you need it most.
  • You’ll save money by preventing costly repairs.
  • Your generator will run for much longer.
  • Your generator will run as efficiently as it can.
  • You’ll avoid fuel problems.

Want to take advantage of these benefits and more? Call Reliable Power Systems today at 561-757-4405 to get started.

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