Emergency Generator Power in Florida

We have all been there; a storm hits and suddenly we are without power and unable to inhabit our homes. Homeowners that have generators are able to not only stay at home during a power outage, but they are also able to protect the food that is in their homes and can stay relatively comfortable during the power outages. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. is one of Southern Florida’s leading generator providers. We are here for you when your power is not!

What Is an Emergency Generator Power?

Emergency generator power is a system that kicks in when you lose power to help make your home more comfortable. A generator can keep your food cold, your microwave running and enough lights on to feel safe in your home. Your generator is powered by either natural or propane gas and is a permanent fixture in your home much like an air conditioning unit.

What Is the Difference Between Your Generators and Ones Available at the Hardware Store?

There are several benefits to having a permanent generator versus a portable generator. With a portable generator, you run the risk of exposing your family to carbon monoxide poisoning. With a permanent generator, your system is fed off of the natural or propane gas running to your home and has proper exhaust systems to protect your family. Our generator systems also have the advantage of automatically turning on as soon as the system senses a loss of power. A permanent generator also adds value to your home if you choose to sell your home and leave the generator in place.

What Is the Process for Generator Installation?

We will come out and give you a free estimate on your system. During the estimate, we will evaluate the system and inquire as to what services you want to be able to run during a power outage. After the estimate, if you feel that you would like to utilize our services, we will pull all the permits you need as well as clear the installation with your homeowners association if needed. After installation, we will test your system and then come back out after installation with your salesperson to test the system a second time and answer any of your questions.

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