365/24/7 Generator Support & Backup Power in South Florida

Industrial-Quality Generac Protector Plus 80kw Emergency Standby Generator for Whole-Building Backup Power

In January 2018, Reliable Power Systems moved into new headquarters in Deerfield Beach. This 20,000-square-foot location includes our offices and warehouse. When we made this move, we knew we had to make this new location our permanent home—we also knew that we had to make it impenetrable to power and communication outages so we could always serve and support our customers.

To ensure we always have power 365/24/7, Reliable Power Systems invested in an industrial-quality Generac Protector Plus 80kw Emergency Standby Generator for whole-building backup power.

Eaton/Generac Power Series Transfer Switch

We did this because we are fully aware that thousands of South Florida families depend on us to be there for them during power outages and times of crisis.

So, we installed our own ultra-high-quality 80kW Generac Protector Plus Bi-Fuel Emergency Standby Generator, ready and waiting to provide power to our entire building if we lose power for any reason.

If the utility fails, our standby generator will be up and running, powering the entire building in under 10 seconds, thanks to the industrial-quality Eaton/Generac Power Series Transfer Switch.

The Power of Bi-Fuel: What Does Bi-Fuel Mean?

The term “bi-fuel” means that the generator can use either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) as a fuel source for the 8.0L V8 engine.

Our bi-fuel 80kW generator is powered by a dedicated natural gas line installed by TECO, the local gas utility. This offers an uninterrupted flow of natural gas to feed our generator.

If the natural gas line is compromised or shut off for any reason, our generator system will automatically switch over to the backup 1,000-gallon underground LP tank that we installed on the property. The backup LP can power our generator for a week.

Reliable Power Systems offers this ultra-high-end Generac Protector Plus to anyone looking for a top-of-the-line, industrial-quality generator for their home or business.

3 Levels of Communication Redundancy: We’re Always Ready to Serve & Support You

In addition to our whole-building standby generator, we have redundant communication lines. We’ve contracted with Crown Castle Fiber, so we have a dedicated underground fiber-optic line running to our building. That means we’re not at the mercy of overhead utilities and data lines that could be knocked down in a storm.

This high-speed 100MB fiber-optic data line runs directly to the server in our IT room. It’s also backed up by a 250MB Comcast Coax line, which is a fail-safe in the unlikely event that the fiber-optic data line fails for any reason.

As the third line of defense, we have a live answering service that is located in the Midwest. This service answers any overflow calls that come in daily, as well as after hours, and emails us the messages. So, if we lost all communications here at the headquarters, our live answering service would transcribe and email us every message.

The Difference Reliable Power Makes

While you may expect all generator companies to have standby power and redundant communication systems, that’s simply not the case—and too many people discover this when there’s a crisis and they can’t get ahold of their generator service provider.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you are in the market for a standby generator and/or a generator service provider, make sure you choose a provider that has:

  • A large staff with many vehicles and technicians
  • A building that has backup power so the lights, computers, and phones will always be on
  • Backup communication systems so you can always get in touch whenever you need help

Throughout South Florida, Reliable Power Systems is the provider that offers all of this and more. We look forward to being your generator service provider and supporting your backup power needs 365/24/7. For more information, contact us online or call (561) 757-4405

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