Generator Installation in St. Andrew’s Country Club, Boca Raton

Posted On: April 8, 2015

The professionals at Reliable Power Systems were proud to be chosen by the Property Owners Association (POA) for a generator installation at St. Andrew’s Country Club! The POA needed a generator that they could rely on to automatically power their guard houses, electronic gates, and security lighting during a power outage — and they certainly came to the right place. Generator installations for safety purposes are a specialty of the Reliable Power experts.

As expected, the installation was a complete success. You can see the finished result in the featured image! Need a similar service for your own business property in South Florida? The commercial generator installation experts of Boca Raton can match you to the perfect standby power source for your needs!

The Benefits of a 48kw Generac Quietsource Generator

During consultation, our techs found the perfect fitting generator for their back-up power needs: the 48kw Generac Quietsource generator. The reasons our generator specialists decided this product perfectly fit the needs of the St. Andrew’s Country Club are as follows:

  • Automatic– A 48kw Generac Quietsource powers itself on automatically as soon as a power outage occurs. No risk and no downtime — just fast and efficient standby power protection.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation– The members of St. Andrew’s Country Club will be able to enjoy the outstanding facilities of their community in peace, as the Generac Quietsource is specifically designed to power security functions withoutcreating l
  • Exceptional Fuel-Economy– When its a question of your guests’ safety, you can’t settle for anything less than the most efficient generator model. Since you can’t be sure how long a power outage will last, you’ll need to know you have a security generator that’s made to go the full distance! With the impressive efficiency of the Generac Quietsource product line, you can expect lasting and affordable natural gas power.
  • Highly Advanced Controls– You too can experience the convenience of intuitive and modern generator controls with the Nexus Controller, patented from Generac.
  • Weather-Proof Enclosure– Every coastal generator installation should include special attention to durability. Intense heat, sun, winds, and rains can corrode an average generator enclosure, but the 48kw is protected with rugged aluminum and corrosion resitance. Plus,  Generac is the most trusted manufacturer of generators in America, and they stand by their products with 2 year limited warranties. Similarly, Reliable Power Systems stands behind its work! Ask about our flexible warranties on workmanship, and have 100% peace of mind when you work with the fully licensed, insured, and certified experts.

The members and administration of St. Andrew’s Country Club can rest assured that they will be safe and secure in case of a power outage. Hurricane season is just around the corner — isn’t it time that you had a commercial generator installed to power and protect your own security system? Call the Boca Raton generator installation experts at Reliable Power to schedule your own consultation on a commercial generator today!