70kw Generac Generator Installation in Boca Raton, FL

Posted On: September 19, 2013

The more circuits you need covered, the larger the generator

We installed a 70kw Generac Generator in Boca Raton with three automatic transfer switches for whole house coverage. This 70kw system is extremely powerful, capable of handling very large homes with many air conditioning units.

When determining what size of generator that you need for your home, think about what would happen if there were a power outage in your area that lasted for several days, or even weeks. Consider what you would miss the most, and whether you would just want essential appliances and electronics to keep running, or if you would want your entire home powered through the duration of the outage.

The more circuits you need covered, the larger your generator would need to be.

The typical 8 kW generator, for example, will supply power to 10 circuits. This type of system could, in general, power the lights in your kitchen as well as the microwave, power one air conditioning unit, or run your computer and home office. A complete whole home system, on the other hand, would easily run every circuit in your home continuously.

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