130KW Generac Generator Installation in Miami Beach

Generac Guardian Series Generator ServicesIf you love living in Miami Beach and are worried about your large home during a power outage, you should consider purchasing a standby generator. A standby generator will allow you to remain comfortably in your home in the event of any type of power failure, as long as your home is still structurally sound. Your generator will run off of either natural or liquid propane gas and can power every appliance imaginable.

We recently installed a 130KW Commercial grade generator at a 15,000 square foot home here in Miami Beach. We also were able to provide the owners with a complete rewiring of their home using our sister company Reliable Electrical Services.

Benefits of a 130KW Generac Generator for Miami Beach

A 130KW generator is truly a commercial grade generator made for the biggest jobs. In addition to the peace of mind it will offer you, it is also a very powerful machine. Here are the most notable things that your 130KW Generac Generator will offer:

  • A large control panel featuring indicators for several different functions including, voltage, current, power factor transfer switch status, engine speed, low fuel pressure, run hours, service reminders, fault history, oil pressure and more.
  • Innovative design
  • Prototype testing
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Limited warranty
  • Quiet test mode
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
  • A range of safety features including, high coolant temperature automatic shutdown, low coolant level automatic shutdown, low oil pressure automatic shutdown, oil drain extension, factory-installed cool flow radiator, uv/ozone resistant hoses, engine coolant heater and more.

Recent Power Outages in Miami Beach

Power outages can be caused simply by having tree limbs to close to power lines. Some residents of Miami Beach were plunged into darkness because some tree limbs had grown into and obstructed the power lines recently. In 2008, much of South Florida went without power when a substation failed. A power outage of as short as four hours can cause you to lose hundreds of dollars, four hours is the time frame in which your food needs to be thrown out in the event of a power loss to your refrigerator.

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