Service Panel Installation in Boca Tierra of Boca Raton

Posted On: April 25, 2014

Electrical Service Panel Installation

Safely Use Your Home’s Appliances with a Panel Upgrade

Electrical service panels allow you to successfully – and safely – use your household electronics without interruption. But, there will come a time when the one you currently have will not work sufficiently enough for your needs.

When that time comes, the only solution is a panel upgrade. So, what are these instances that may require upgrades?

  • Old, outdated panel: At the time these were installed, home’s electrical appliances were not as powerful as they are today. The truth of the matter is, these old panels just can’t handle what we need them to.
  • New home construction: When building a new home, of course the panel you have will be top-notch and able to handle all the electrical needs you have.
  • Adding new appliances that require more power: Upgrading your TV? Putting in a brand new air conditioner? They are probably going to require more power than your old ones did and if your panel can’t handle it then it’s time to upgrade.
  • Enhancing the home with luxury lighting, fixtures, or appliances: These include central ac units, jacuzzis, stereos, gaming systems, and more.

Reliable Electrical Services Panel Installation

One of our licensed electricians will visit your home to determine the number of amps needed to secure a steady flow of electricity throughout your entire home. And, if you plan on adding anything else to your home in the near future, those will be considered also.

Electrical service panels are one of the most important features of your electrical system, so you want to make sure they are always working at peak efficiency.

If your service panel needs an upgrade, contact the experts at Reliable Electrical Services today!