Gas Line Installation for Aboveground Tanks in South Florida

It is extremely important that a professional install the gas lines that supply your aboveground propane tank in order for the tank to be safe and secure.

Also known in some circles as the “yard line,” this is the supply line that runs between your tank and your home. While this line mainly runs underground, there are portions that are visible. These are at the points where the line meets the tank and where it enters the building, generator, or other point of use. One of the many reasons it is so important that a professional perform the installation is that there are some materials, such as flex lines, rubber hoses, and PVC, that are illegal for this type of work.

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How Does Gas Line Installation Work?

This type of gas line is typically installed from 12 to 18 inches below the ground so that it is adequately protected from damage. If, for instance, a copper line is buried only five or six inches below ground, it could easily be crimped or even crushed by a vehicle’s weight. An improperly buried line could also lead to leaks at the connections.

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Benefits of Aboveground Gas Tanks in South Florida

If you are purchasing a propane tank, it is important to know that the use of the gas is very safe, whether you are buying an aboveground or in-ground model. If propane should be released due to a malfunction, it will not harm water or soil. In addition, there are strict regulations that govern the manner in which a tank is installed.

Thanks to manufacturing advances and changes in regulations, aboveground gas tanks are better than ever before. Here are two of the main benefits of purchasing an aboveground model:

  • Price – Aboveground tanks are typically a great deal less expensive than their in-ground counterparts. You can also rent one if necessary, while this is typically not a logical option for an in-ground tank.
  • Ease of installation – An aboveground tank can usually be installed in half the time of an in-ground model. It is also much simpler; an aboveground model does not have to be protected from a process known as “electrolysis,” damage to metal objects due to underground soil.

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