How to Ensure Your Electrical Outlet in Boynton Beach, FL is Safe

Posted On: August 30, 2016

GFCI Safety Electrical OutletUnsafe electrical outlets cause thousands of injuries, fires, and deaths every year. As the only part of your electrical system that you deal with on a regular basis, it’s important to ensure your electrical outlets in Boynton Beach, FL are not putting you and your family at risk. As South Florida’s most trusted electrician, Reliable Electrical Services makes protecting their clients their main priority. Here are four ways you can ensure that your electrical outlet in Boynton Beach, FL is safe as possible.

Check for Loose Fittings

When you plug a device into the outlet, the prongs should fit snugly into the socket. If there’s room for you to wiggle the plug or it hangs loosely out of the outlet, that outlet is becoming a fire hazard. Loose fittings are one of the first signs that you need to update your outlets.

Watch Out for Sparks

Sparks coming from your electrical outlets are obvious indications that your electrical system needs to be repaired by a professional electrician. One or two sparks may not seem like a significant issue, but it’s a problem that should always be taken seriously. It will only take one small spark to start a house fire.

Keep Them Covered

Utilizing outlet covers or updating to new tamper-resistant electrical receptacles is a simple way to keep your family safe—especially if you have young children or pets. Current building codes require contractors to install tamper-resistant electrical receptacles, but many older homes aren’t yet equipped with these safety features.

Have Them Professionally Inspected

The best way to ensure your electrical outlets in Boynton Beach, FL are safe is to hire an electrician to perform a professional inspection. They will check all outlets in your home and give you an accurate summary of their condition. If there’s an issue to be concerned about, they’ll give you honest feedback on how to best address the problem.

If you suspect that your electrical outlet in Boynton Beach, FL are putting your property at risk, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Reliable Electrical Services. Give them a call today to set up a time to meet with one of their experienced