Whole-Home Surge Protection in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Power surges are regular occurrences here in Florida. Whether caused by lightning strikes, large appliances shutting off, or power grid switches originating from your electric utility provider, significant voltage fluctuations threaten to damage your electronics and appliances.

If a power surge shorts out the circuitry of your air conditioner on a hot summer day, the damage not only forces you to pay for electrical repairs, but it also leaves your family in discomfort until help arrives. Other devices vulnerable to effects of a power outage include major appliances, sensitive computer parts, expensive TVs, or anything else plugged into an electrical outlet.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: Choose Reliable Electrical Services to install high-quality whole-home surge protection. We have been providing this and other similar services to South Florida residents since 2002.

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What Is a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

This device mounts to your main electrical panel or at the base of the electric meter. It protects everything inside your home—not just devices plugged into the wall, but also outlets, light switches, phone and cable lines, and hardwired items that can’t be plugged into a power strip.

A whole-home surge protector works by reducing the voltage of a power surge to a safe level before allowing it to travel through your home’s wiring. This reduces the damaging effects of dangerously high voltage fluctuations in nearly all cases except for direct lightning strikes.

It’s important to note that surge protectors do not protect against brownouts or momentary losses of power. For that, you need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a battery backup. These allow electronics to run for several minutes or longer during a blackout and remain unaffected by brownouts. They also serve as point-of-use surge protectors for sensitive electronics by absorbing large surges into the battery.

Why Do I Need Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Many people believe that surge protection involves nothing more than plugging electronics into power strips. However, this is rarely the case. First, many power strips are nothing more than glorified extension cords. To benefit from surge protection capabilities, be sure the power strip is labeled as a surge protector. Even then, this is only suitable for preventing small surges to your computer or TV; other appliances, outlets, and wiring are still vulnerable.

That’s why a two-tiered approach combining point-of-use surge protectors and whole-home surge protection is the best way to safeguard your entire electrical system. Here are the benefits of investing in a whole-home surge protector:

  • Extend the life of your electronics: A spike in voltage can not only fry an appliance’s circuit control board, motor, or other electrical components—it can also cause slow damage to occur. Small surges could be the reason your TV or cordless phone mysteriously stops working one day. Whole-home surge protection prevents small power fluctuations from getting through, adding years to the lifespan of your electronics.
  • Protect against electrical fires: When the amount of electricity channeling through your wiring increases during a power surge, the wires become very hot. This can cause melting or sparking that could lead to a fire and endanger your family’s safety.
  • Avoid expensive electrical repairs: Investing in whole-home surge protection preserves every aspect of your electrical system, so you don’t have to pay for costly rewiring, outlet repair, or appliance replacement. If you prevent a single significant power surge, a whole-home surge protector pays for itself!

For whole-home surge protection in Palm Beach and Broward counties, please contact Reliable Electrical Services.