Electrical Panel Upgrade in Rio Vista

Posted On: November 14, 2014

What’s the difference between circuit breakers and fuses? Well, for one, the latter technology is far older. Most homes have already upgraded to circuit breakers at this point, as they are significantly safer and more convenient. But what makes them better? The experts at Reliable Electrical Services want you to be informed as a homeowner, so we’ve laid out the differences here today.

Here are 4 simple reasons that circuit breakers are generally better than fuse boxes, meaning you should call Reliable Power Services about an upgrade if your home still have a fusebox panel.  But first, some simple definitions.

Your electrical panel’s job is to protect your home from power surges. A power surge is when your home experiences more electricity than its wiring is able to handle  (such as when lightening hits your home during a storm). This could result in a severely dangerous situation — however, your electrical panel protects you by shutting off the power that is being used by the overloaded wiring.

In a fuse-style panel, the circuit is broken when the “fuse” melts from the excess of electrical current and causes the flow to be broken.  In a circuit-style panel, the power surge generates an electromagnetic charge that causes the “breaker switch” to flip into the off position.

The 4 Advantages of Circuit Breakers

  1. Multi-Use – Each time you blow a fuse, you need to replace it. With a circuit breaker, all you need to do if flip the switch.
  2. Advanced Protection – As our appliances evolve, so should our electrical panels! Now that major appliances are drawing a great deal more electricity and there are more of them, upgrades are pretty much mandatory!
  3. Safer – Older electrical panels, such as those installed by the Federal Pacific Electric, are outdated and have been found to be unsafe. Check your panel. If it was installed by FPE, it needs to be replaced right away!
  4. Easier Addition – When you invest in a new, larger electrical appliance, such as a hot tub or an outdoor lighting system, the technicians at Reliable Electrical Services can upgrade your circuit breaker easily by installing more switches. If you have a fusebox, we’ll first have to upgrade your panel to have breakers instead.

Call Reliable Electrical Services to have your fusebox panel upgraded or your circuit breaker panel expanded! We are licensed and certified to perform all forms of panel restoration and renewal. If your panel is old, outdated, or unsafe, call for 24/7 service today!