When is it Time for Rewiring in Boca Raton? 3 Warning Signs

Posted On: May 27, 2015

Home rewiring in Boca Raton is a breeze when you contact Reliable Electrical Service. Our reputable, personable electricians are dedicated to customer service and ensuring quality rewiring  in your home. After all, the many beautiful homes in Boca Raton deserve nothing but the best treatment, and you can bet our electrical services are the the best in the area.

Home rewiring is essential if you want top-notch electricity in your home. So how to know when your home needs rewiring? Well, there’s a few warning signs you can spot in your home so you know to fix that problem immediately.

3 Warning Signs

There’s plenty of indicators that your home may need rewiring, but we’ve rounded up the 3 most common, important warning signs requiring your immediate attention.

  1. Circuit Breaker Frequently Cuts Off: Is the power in your home starting to cut off on a more frequent basis? If so, then it’s time for rewiring. Frequents trips in the circuit breaker are indicative of a circuit overwhelmed with the large number of amps it’s designed to handle. A circuit breaker can also cut off for a number of reasons, which are nonetheless worthy of your attention and repair.
  2. A Burning Smell, Smoke, Excessive Heat: If you smell faint burning in your home, then it’s a serious warning that rewiring needs to happen as soon as possible. Also note excessive heat from outlets and smoke emanating from any outlet, appliance, or baseboard. These aren’t just warning signs for rewiring; they’re potential causes of an electrical fire. It’s not enough to just ensure quality electricity, especially when safety in your own home is potentially at risk.
  3. You Have an Older Wiring System: If the wiring in your home is older, wear and tear is inevitable. However, odds are this wiring is also dated and unable to keep up with the electrical demands of today’s world. This greatly improves chances of circuit board trips and eventual loss of electricity in your home. You need and deserve the most recent home wiring, so don’t get stuck in the past.

Home rewiring in Boca Raton doesn’t get any better than the work done by our licensed electricians. We’ll rewire your home with the upmost care and precision, so contact Reliable Electrical Services today if your home wiring is on the the fritz!