What Can You Expect from Our Home Electrical Inspection in Boca Raton?

Your house deserves the absolute best in safety and efficiency – that’s why our local electricians have been setting a higher standard for electrical service in Southern Florida since 2002. Every homeowner in Boca Raton can benefit from a thorough home electrical inspection, and Reliable Electrical Services has the professionals for the job.

Our local experts offer electrical inspections in Boca Raton for both residential and commercial building, but we find home service to be most important. After all, your home is where you ought to feel safest – but this simply isn’t possible if you’re operating with an outdated or damaged electrical system in your daily life.

We strongly recommend home safety inspection if:

  • Your building was built prior to 1989
  • You have recently experienced an unexplained power outage
  • You’re installing a large electrical appliance (new refrigerator, plasma TV, hot tub, water heater, etc.) and aren’t sure if you need a panel upgrade
  • You’re moving into a new home

Make sure the expert working on your electrical system is really an expert. A handyman may offer a cheaper price, but shoddy craftsmanship doesn’t save any money! Call in the most trusted local electricians in Boca Raton: Reliable Electrical Services is ready to help you schedule home electrical inspection today!

The 4 Most Important Checks in Home Electrical Inspection

Here are the most critical components of any home electrical inspection:

  • Code Compliance – If your home was built more than 10 years ago, there’s a chance it doesn’t comply with the most modern local regulations. Lacking these features can seriously cost you when you need to collect insurance.
  • Outlet Safety – Do you know the difference between a conventional outlet and a GFCI? Every home should have GFCI outlets to offer extra protection in particularly vulnerable spaces, particularly rooms with running water. Our professional will check that all of your switches and outlets are up to date.
  • Panel Sizing – We mentioned earlier that you should have an electrical inspection if you’re considering installing a new large appliance. This is because modern units are more efficient and often require more amperage – you’ll want to make sure your panel can cover the addition before you invest.

Don’t wait for an emergency to call Reliable for service – plan ahead with a home electrical inspection in Boca Raton!

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