Transfer Switch Installation for a 36kw Generac QuietSource in Wellington, FL

Generac QuietSource

Critical to safe operation of a standby generator

A transfer switch, as the name implies, is a device that shifts power from your generator to your home in the event that the utility grid fails. When utility power is restored, the device switches you back to your regular power. This device typically connects directly to the service panel in your home.

Transfer switches are critical to the safe operation of a standby generator. It isolates the circuits that use generator power during an outage, and eliminates the danger of back feeding to your utility lines. This can be fatal to utility workers and can result in substantial property damage as well. They also provide convenience because you won’t need to run extension cords throughout your home or business to your generator.

It is very important that you have a trained technician install your transfer switch. It needs to be properly sized, because if it has a lower output than the generator, there will be serious risk of a fire taking place. A professional will have the knowledge and equipment needed to make sure your installation is performed quickly and efficiently.

Whenever you need a transfer switch installed, call Reliable Power Systems.

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