Top 8 Electrical Upgrades to Consider This Fall

residential lighting installationIf your home is currently populated by electrical hazards, lessening in its electrical system performance, and dealing with constant power loss, then you may want to call Reliable Electrical Services for electrical upgrades this fall. There are several reasons why you should make changes to your electrical system. If your home is older, upgrades may be a necessity if you expect to live in your home free from the threat of electrocution or residential fires. Or you may find yourself in the exact opposite situation, having instead just moved into a home where you are unsure of its electrical safety. In that case, you may want to consider upgrades just to make your move-in less stressful.

Regardless of your situation, Reliable Electrical Services is here to provide electrical upgrades for any of your needs. We want to make sure the needs of all our customers are covered before the fall arrives, so that is why our team of electricians will be waiting by the phone to take your call. We are still in the midst of storm season, meaning the need for durable, high-quality electrical features is more important than ever. Even if you there is an electrical upgrade we cannot provide you, think again. Our electricians are flexible in the services they offer to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction.

8 Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

While some homeowners out there may want upgrades, they may not necessarily know where to even begin, especially when there are so many different upgrades for them to consider. If we have any say in that decision-making process, here are 8 electrical upgrades we recommend to improve your home’s level of convenience:

  1. Home Safety Lighting: As the old saying goes, safety first. We are still in the midst of storm season here in Florida, meaning the need for high-quality electricity is more important than ever. However, safety does not just end at protecting yourself from hurricanes. There is also the ever-present risk of intruders. If you want to prevent break-ins, you need to upgrade your home’s exterior with improved safety lighting. Motion sensors are particular helpful in detecting intruders during the night, giving them less places to hide. Pathway lighting will let intruders know someone is home and also provide light for clear path in the event you need to evacuate.
  2. New Outlets & Switches: You need to replace our outlets if they are either two-pronged, builder’s grade, or if the wiring behind them is too old. Any of these types of outlets are not only outdated, but also unsafe to the point where the risk of an electrical fire is high. It is also time to replace outlets if they appear damaged enough that it begins to negatively impact electrical performance. These outlets may also feel hot and their plastic covering may be falling apart. The covering will also need to be replaced with something more durable that will last much longer in ensuring your outlets will remain safe to the touch.
  3. Smoke Detection: The Red Cross reports that homes with properly installed smoke detection are 51% less likely to experience any fire-related deaths. However, there are still plenty of homes out there with outdated detectors in need of replacement. Upgrading your smoke detection is a wise move, as you can have a detector that will alert you of smoke at any time, even in the middle of the night. The threat of a residential fire is not anything to play around with, so replace your detection this fall if you feel it is not performing up to your standards.
  4. Carbon Monoxide Detection: Carbon monoxide is a deadly yet odorless gas that will enter your home with you even realizing it. Exposure can lead to serious illness and eventually death. However, even you cannot see or smell it, there is still a way to protect your well-being this fall, thanks to carbon monoxide detection. Our selection of carbon monoxide detectors will be able to pick up on traces of gas immediately, alerting you of danger so you can make plans to right the situation.
  5. Ground Fault Circuit Interruption: The American Burn Association reports that 400 deaths occur each year due to accidental electrocution. 180 of those deaths are due to electrical hazardous appliances. If you want to avoid adding to the statistic, then installing a ground fault circuit interrupter is the most life-saving upgrade to consider this season. A GFCI will prevent electrocution by cutting off power once it detects a difference between the input and output current of your home’s electrical system. These are the perfect outlets to install in areas like bathrooms and garages, where water is constantly coming into contact with electricity.
  6. Interior Lighting: The two areas of your home in most need of comforting yet efficient lighting is your kitchen and bathroom. You need lighting to cook, clean, wash dishes, shower, and so much more. If you notice the lights in either of these rooms begin to flicker or costing you too much on electrical bills, it is time to upgrade. New lighting like bathroom mirror lights, kitchen cabinet lighting, and chandeliers will improve both aesthetic and safety. Any guest will be made to feel welcome by the quality of the lighting itself.
  7. Service Panel Upgrades: Where would you be without an electrical service panel? Well, for one thing, you may not able to use your most essential lights and appliances. An electrical service panel, when working at its best, will provide evenly distributed power to all appliances. It can last a long time but your panel may be getting too old to keep up with your power demands. At Reliable Electrical Services, we can provide you with a panel upgrade that keeps the power flowing so you can continue to live conveniently.
  8. TV Wall Mounts: With football season and new television shows starting this fall, you will be spending plenty of time in front of the television. However, you can enhance your viewing experience even more, thanks to a TV wall mount that brings the action on the small screen into your home. A wall mount can hoist your flat-screen up to new heights and add a new dimension to your television-watching. Besides, leaving your TV on the wall or table puts it at a higher risk to be damaged or knocked over.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services today if you want any of these electrical upgrades and our team of licensed, fully-trained electricians will be glad to help you!

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