Things you Should Do When Preparing for a Hurricane in Boca Raton

Posted On: November 25, 2014

The worst part about power outages are that they are completely outside of our control and are also unpredictable.

Power outages are likely to affect all of us at some point in time, if not repeatedly. This is regardless of whether we own a home or a business in either a warm or cold weather environment. All of us remain at risk to the vastly inconvenient, yet inevitable, events surrounding a power outage, unless they invest in reliable standby power.

Power outages are beyond our control—how we respond is not.

In order to know how to be sufficiently prepared for power outages, it is important to know thy enemy. Power outages occur for all sorts of reasons, some more likely than others, and some less suspecting than others.

Here are the top five causes of power outages:

  1. Lightning, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, and ice account for the majority (about 70 percent) of all power outages.
  2. Aging utility lines and grid overload.
  3. Public or animal contact – While rare and devastating, these types of problems are particularly detrimental to your home’s electrical system and can cause longer-term damage.
  4. Maintenance issues – These are electric company and town maintenance issues—not necessarily maintenance issues associated with home upkeep.

Remember, the only way to combat power outages is to be prepared. It’s never a matter of if a power outage will occur, it’s when.

Knowing the top five causes of power outages teaches us that electricity loss is far beyond our control. A Generac Automatic Standby Generator is the clear leader in being ready to face the unknown. Be prepared for all weather events. Own a generator that automatically does the work for you and minimize your risk by contacting us today.