Sun Electric Becomes Reliable Electial Services

Robert Biscardi, owner of Sun Electric, has always had a passion for helping people. In 1992, he joined the New York City Fire Department, where he remained for 10 years of dedicated service. In 2002, Robert decided to find new ways to help people — namely, by starting an electrical contractor company that would make customer satisfaction it’s #1 priority. He wanted to deliver safe, skilled, and reliable service to the people. As a master electrician, Robert knew what it would take to get his company off the ground: he had to simply be better than the competition. in 2002, he started his company, Sun Electric, Inc., in the Bronx. A few years later, though, he moved his family and business down to sunny south Florida to see if he couldn’t succeed there as well.

And now Sun Electric has undergone another change: we’ve changed our name to Reliable Electrical Services as a means of consolidating two of Rob Biscardi’s company projects. Reliable Power Systems was created originally in 2009 as an addition to Sun Electric that would provide safe and effective emergency standby power — the generator branch of the company was just another way for Robert and the company to serve the residents of South Florida.

Now that the entire company is called Reliable Electrical Services rather than only the generator division, we anticipate some people to be initially confused. We’re sure it will clear up over time, and we look for the opportunity to do so through continuing to serve our community under our new name.  However, it’s important to immediately recognize that Reliable Electrical Services isn’t changing its phenomenally high standard for service! Rob Biscardi isn’t at all departing from the vision that initially set out with — if anything, our service has and will continue to steadily improve as we grow!

So call Reliable Electrical Services with all of your home or business’s electrical concerns today. We’re the electrical contractor that gets the job done the first time around!

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