Reliable Also Does Gas Services in Boca Raton, FL!

women sit around outdoor gas fireplaceReliable Electrical Services Does Gas Line Installation Services!

Did you know? Reliable Electrical Services does more than just electrical work and generators. We also provide gas line services, meaning we plan, install, and maintain natural gas lines for homeowners here in South Florida.

But what are our natural gas lines, and how can they help you improve your Boca Raton home? We’ll describe the details in this week’s blog about natural gas line services.

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What Is Natural Gas?

Understanding Natural Gas for Homeowners in Boca Raton

Natural gas is a highly efficient fuel source that many homeowners in Florida and all across the country use to heat and provide energy for their homes. There are a number of advantages of using natural gas as a fuel source, including:

  • Domestic Presence– Whereas oil needs to be shipped across the world, natural gas comes from right here in the U.S. That’s part of the reason the American government has been supporting plans to broaden the usage of natural gas in homes and businesses nationwide.
  • Cost-Efficiency– On average, natural gas costs significantly less than oil. Lower energy bills mean monthly savings!
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions– Natural gas doesn’t produce as many carbon emissions as some fuel alternatives, making it less damaging to the environment.

Most of all, though, the number one benefit of natural gas is its flexibility. It can be used to power practically any appliance — in fact, the most advanced generator models we install are all powered by natural gas. This is because, as a fuel source, natural gas is safe, reliable, and efficient — not unlike the services at Reliable Electrical Services! It’s fitting, then, that the technicians at Reliable can also handle your gas services needs.

What Can Natural Gas Do for You?

Benefits & Uses of Natural Gas Line Installation

It’s not cold here in South Florida for very much of the year, so residential and commercial buildings down here don’t have to worry as much about having natural gas heating systems as people do up North. However, there are a wide variety of uses for natural gas that can make your backyard more functional and more fun! Here’s what we mean:

  • Barbecue Equipment– Looking for a great way to maximize your patio space? Connecting a gas line to an outdoor grill can turn a standard outdoor area into a fully operational kitchen!
  • Tiki Torches/Lighting– Do you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard? What better way to improve the ambiance of your outdoor areas than by installing natural gas tiki torch lights for summer fun all night long.
  • Fire Pits– Be the go-to hang out spot for family and friends with a beautiful and safe natural gas fire pit on your patio or backyard! The nights can be long and the summers can be even more lovely here in South Florida when you have gas services on your side.

Schedule Natural Gas Line Installation Services in Boca Raton

Looking to remodel your backyard? Call Reliable Electrical Services for gas line installation services! We serve the southeastern coast and can help you design a beautiful outdoor area you can use for entertainment all summer long. It all starts with quality gas services from our home improvement experts!

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