NHC is already watching a likely storm in the Atlantic

This year, hurricane season may start early due to a developing weather system.  

The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring the system that could turn into the season’s first named storm.

NHC noted a region in the North Atlantic, northeast of Bermuda, as an area to watch for subtropical development.

The weather system has a 70% chance of development this weekend and a 90% chance by early next week. If it becomes a tropical or subtropical storm, it will be named Ana.

It will most likely be categorized as a subtropical cyclone due to water temperatures being on cool.

Thankfully, if this system becomes a tropical or even a subtropical cyclone, there will not be any significant impact to land. 

However, passing showers and gusty winds could be expected late in the week and into the weekend for Bermuda.

This development is a reminder that hurricane season is just around the corner, and the time to watch the Atlantic Ocean for tropical systems is beginning.

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