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Posted On: November 3, 2016

Common Types of Generator Repairs

Generator Repair in Broward County & Palm Beach County

Generator repairs are absolutely necessary if you want to extend the lifespan of your generator, save money on electricity bills, and experience high-quality electrical power for all of your most essential appliances. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners out there who didn’t get the memo. They will allow generator problems to persist, and then be the […]

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Posted On: November 3, 2016

8 Ways to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

smoke detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is one of the most important features of your home. It can save your life and help you avoid situations like fires or gas leaks. However, if you don’t take steps to maintain them, you may find yourself left without any protection, and may face several costly, if not fatal, […]

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Posted On: October 31, 2016

How to Find the Best Generator for Your Home

electrical storm

The best generator for your home is out there and you need to make sure you take all the right steps to install it. A generator is absolutely essential if you expect to use essential lights and appliances in your home when the power goes out. But as urgent as electrical power may be, you […]

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Posted On: October 25, 2016

7 Warning Signs You Need Generator Replacement


Generator replacement is absolutely necessary if you want to supply your home with long-lasting, highly-efficient electrical power. When you rely on essential lights and appliances to get you through the day, a lack of a working generator can greatly disrupt life in your home. How else would you able to store food in the fridge, […]

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Posted On: October 25, 2016

Electrical Rewiring For This Fall

House made out of electrical cord

Electrical rewiring is highly important for both ensuring convenience and safety in your home. If your home’s wiring is beginning to look a little worse for wear, you may think it’s time for something new, especially when keeping old, frayed wiring in the house can be a huge safety hazard. However, for more complex electrical […]

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Posted On: October 19, 2016

4 Things to Consider Before A Standby Generator Installation

outline of house in electrical wire

Standby generator installation is a must if you want electrical power for your most essential lights and appliances. Without a working standby generator, you may lose power for air conditioning in the summer and even lose all of your food in the refrigerator. It will also be unsafe to walk around your home at night […]

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Posted On: October 18, 2016

5 Options for Outdoor Safety Lighting

residential outdoor safety lighting

Outdoor safety lighting should not be overlooked this fall. According to the FBI, a home in the United States is broken into every 18 seconds. That adds up to nearly 200 per hour and over 4,800 break-ins every day. This statistic may sound jarring at first, but it’s incredible to think how much it can […]

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Posted On: October 10, 2016

7 Questions to Ask During An Electrical Safety Inspection

Damaged Outlet in Electrical Inspection

An electrical safety inspection is highly important this fall. A single frayed wire or damaged outlet may prove to be the one thing puts your home at a far greater risk of fires and the well-being of your family in danger. When you look at the statistics, neglecting your electrical safety needs may be your […]

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Posted On: October 3, 2016

Generator Maintenance Tips For Fall

generator maintenance in South Florida

Generator maintenance is highly important this fall, especially now during storm season. While you may think your generator is all revved up and ready to go for the season ahead, there is no such thing as being too sure. Not conducting maintenance on your generator can bring you all sorts of consequences later in the […]

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Posted On: September 7, 2016

Top 8 Electrical Upgrades to Consider This Fall

residential lighting installation

If your home is currently populated by electrical hazards, lessening in its electrical system performance, and dealing with constant power loss, then you may want to call Reliable Electrical Services for electrical upgrades this fall. There are several reasons why you should make changes to your electrical system. If your home is older, upgrades may be a […]

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