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Posted On: April 20, 2017

Questions to Ask Before a Landscape Lighting Installation

exterior home lighting

When you decide it’s time to hire an electrician to conduct a landscape lighting installation, there are always going to be questions that you’ll need to ask. What it comes down to is hiring someone who can complete the installation in high-quality fashion. Well, how do you know if the task will be completed right? […]

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Posted On: March 22, 2017

Our Technicians at Reliable Electrical Services Discuss Fire Pit Installation

backyard landscape lighting

Camping is so much fun! You’re outdoors with friends and family, swapping crazy stories, listening to music, and of course, eating way too many s’mores. There seems to be a certain magic in the air that arises the second the camp fire gets going. Nothing in the world seems to matter. That is, until it’s […]

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Posted On: March 17, 2017

Generator Repair and When You Need It

generator repair service

Generators are an amazing asset to have for your home. As you know, generators work to keep the lights on in your home when they decide to go out. But what happens when you find yourself in need of a generator repair? Well, of course, you’re going to want to call for a professional who […]

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Posted On: March 15, 2017

6 Tips for Electrical Troubleshooting

electrical wires

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most vital things to do for your home this season. Even if you think your home’s electrical system is current working well, you may still encounter problems like flickering lights, damaged outlets, frayed wiring, outdated electrical fixtures, and more. If you plan on having guests over the house, it […]

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Posted On: February 28, 2017

When Should You Replace Electrical Outlets?

home inside lightbulb

Without electrical outlets, you probably would not be able to live in your home at all. So many appliances are reliant on outlets to provide them with a steady flow of power, including the ones you use every day like coffee makers refrigerators, vacuums, televisions, and so much more. However, nothing can last forever, and […]

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Posted On: February 15, 2017

Generator Sales – Why Residents Should Consider a Generator

generators for sale in South Florida

Florida’s brightest cities may be known for clean air and serene coastlines, but you need to look for some generator sales when the going gets tough! This is especially true during the summer when the threat of hot weather and tropical storms loom on the shores. Unfortunately, too many residents forego generator sales and it […]

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Posted On: February 8, 2017

5 Lighting Upgrades to Consider For Your Home

light fixture

Lighting upgrades should be atop your list of priorities this season if you think your home could use a bit of a boost. The winter is generally a darker time of year, with nighttime arriving much earlier. You’ll be using lights much more often just to navigate across your home safely. If your home isn’t […]

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Posted On: January 27, 2017

Celebrating 4 Years as South Florida’s Premier Generator Dealer

Generac Premier Dealer Award

UPDATE (June 2019): Reliable Power is proud to announce that we have won Generac Premier Dealer Award again! We’ve been honored with this prestigious award every year since 2013—that’s 6 years in a row! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Make that four years in a row now for Reliable Power, who again have won the Generac Premier Dealer Award for […]

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Posted On: January 26, 2017

The Basics of Generator Safety

electrician near generator

If you’ve invested in a generator for your home or business, you’ve made a smart decision. Generators are external, alternate power that automatically kicks on if your power goes out. This is a valuable tool to have when the rest of the neighborhood has gone dark. Having a generator can be the difference in your […]

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