Natural Gas Industrial Generator Installation in Boca Raton

As one of the few electrical company’s fully licensed to perform industrial generator installation in Southern Florida, our experts here at Reliable Power Systems are proud to be the trusted industrial generator authority for Boca Raton home and business owners! Today, we wanted to use this blog to teach homeowners about one of our favorite types of Generac generator models: natural gas powered industrial generators. We wanted to explain why we believe that natural gas industrial generator installation is the right choice for business’s looking for affordable and reliable back-up power. Here’s why:

The 5 Advantages of Natural Gas Industrial Generator Installation

As opposed to diesel generators, which run on a heavy liquid petroleum fuel that creates exhaust during combustion, natural gas burns more efficiently in giving you back-up power. That translates into a whole host of benefits for business owners, including that natural gas is:

  1. Cleaner– More efficient burning means that natural gas does not produce as many carbon emissions. This reduces your business’s carbon footprint and makes your back-up power more environmentally safe. In comparison to coal, gasoline, diesel, and oil, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It does not produce soot or ash like a diesel powered device tends to do.
  2. Reliable– Like our name implies, we like all of our industrial generator installations to ensure reliable back-up power for years to come. That’s why we like natural gas industrial generators: you can always count on this fuel source to be readily available and never need to refill your tank. Natural gas pipelines across America are being extending, making these natural gas powered products even more popular!
  3. Safe– Natural gas is non-toxic to humans, making it safer than machines that create harmful fumes. When you have your industrial generator installation performed by Reliable, you can count on it being 100% up to code and safe to use.
  4. Cost-Effective– Higher energy efficiency means lower monthly bill! It’s that simple. Less wasted energy means less wasted money.
  5. Eco-Friendly– As we mentioned earlier, natural gas burns cleaner and releases fewer carbon emissions, making it the better choice for the environment. Have your business contribute to the growing national movement for energy efficiency by making sure that your industrial generator is powered by natural gas.

So look into a natural gas industrial generator installation from Reliable Power Systems today! One of our generator experts can perform an estimate for your business, and you could have better back-up power this year!

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