Miami Generator Installation – Frequently Asked Questions

generator Installation in MiamiGenerator installation can be an arduous process. There are a lot of considerations to make, not least of all is which generator installation contractor your should trust. We put together this blog to help homeowners find some answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive when installing generators in Miami — we hope it’s helpful to you as you’re looking for standby generator power!

1) How long does the process take?

Generally the process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. This includes the submission, review, and issuance of the permit, as well as the installation and inspection process. This is not a concrete time frame; some municipalities are faster than others. Please rest assured that we will guide you through the process and advise you of the steps as soon as they happen.

2) Are the costs for the permit included in my agreement?

No. Since we cannot predict the permit costs and municipalities have different costs and fees that change from time to time, all costs and fees associated with the permit are passed on directly to you the customer. We will invoice you for the permit costs separately.

3) Do I need to screen my generator? If so, when does that need to be completed?

Yes, you do need to screen your generator; we do not provide this service. The most common type of screening is shrubbery. We will provide you with the recommended clearances for the screening installation that correspond with your generator. Please let us know in advance of the type of screening that you will be placing (shrubs, fencing, wall, etc.) so that we can include it with our HOA packet and permit submission as most municipalities like to know what screening is going to be placed. Some municipalities may even require a separate permit just for the screening; this will help us in the processing of your permit application.

The screening needs to be completed before we can call in the final inspection.

4) Do I need to be home for the inspections?

As there are multiple inspections, you do not need to be home for all of them. The one inspection that you do need to be home for is the final inspection. At the time of the final inspection, we will also start-up your generator and provide you with a walk-through of how your generator works and answer any questions that you may have at that time. We will always coordinate this inspection with you to make sure you are available on that day; the time frame of the inspection we will get on the morning of the inspection.

5) How do I pay Reliable Power Systems?

On your agreement, the terms are listed as:

  • 30% Due Upon Acceptance of Proposal
  • 50% Due Upon Delivery of Generator to Site
  • 20% Balance Due Upon Completion/Start-Up

We accept payment in the form of checks made payable to “Reliable Power Systems”

6) Who do I call if I have any questions or emergencies?

Please call our office at 561-757-4405. We have someone readily available to answer your call. If it is an emergency after hours, we have a 24-hour emergency line that will connect you with a technician.

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