Emergency Handling Advice From Your Local Electrician

man with electrical emergencyElectrical emergencies can be a threat to your health and safety and you should be knowledgeable about what to do when you encounter one. If you’re experiencing a concern with your electrical panel, have a sparking wire, or smell burning odors, it’s time to get a local electrician in there ASAP to find and resolve the source of the issue. If you have the knowledge of how to handle an electrical emergency, you are better equipped to keep your home and office safe from fire or electrocution.

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Reliable Electric can provide you with an expert local electrician to answer your call ASAP in the event of an emergency. We know what it’s like to be without power or to be scared for your family’s well-being when things malfunction. We are here to resolve your worry, repair your damages, and get you back to your busy life with reliable power. When you call Reliable, you’re calling a company that has provided same day service since 2002, and you get a technician who can handle every electrical emergency you could experience. When you have questions and need answers fast, Reliable Electric is your answer.

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Our Local Electrician Shares Advice on Electrical Emergencies

When you first identify an electrical emergency, you may not realize the full scope of the danger. Pets, children, family members, valuables, and building structures may be at risk of being severely impacted by an electrical problem that isn’t resolved. Our local electrician shares with you some advice on identifying and handling electrical emergencies.

    • Know What An Emergency Is
      A switch that doesn’t switch doesn’t constitute an emergency. A switch that emits smoke or odors, however, is a big indicator that something is wrong and needs attention ASAP. An electrical emergency is any response from an electric appliance or system that emits odors, sparks, uncontrolled power surges, or smoke. Trust your instincts here – if it raises a red flag, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Identify the symptoms of your issue so that we can help you from the moment you call Reliable.
    • Burning SmellsYou may have experienced burning smells that occur for the first few times you use a brand new appliance, like a new curling iron for example. However, these odors should absolutely not last, and odors are usually a sign that something is receiving too much heat when it shouldn’t be. Burning odors are the first sign of trouble, and shouldn’t be ignored. If you experience a burning smell or foul odor, unplug everything in that outlet immediately and make everyone aware not to use that outlet until you get a professional on the scene to check it out. If your electrical panel or fuse box is the culprit emitting an odor, this constitutes an emergency that needs service right away. If burning odors persist or you see flames or fire, call your fire department immediately and evacuate the building.
    • Warm Service PanelYour service panel should never conduct heat or become warm to the touch. Because your service panel controls so much of the building’s wiring, many currents feeding into the panel are quite strong. Warmth, heat, browning, fraying wires, or flickering lights are all indicators that you need to get a professional on site to get this addressed ASAP.
    • Arcing WiresRemember that science project when you saw electricity jump from one conductor to another through the air? This is arcing, when loose or corroded connections make intermittent contact. This can make your switches emit noises like buzzing, hissing, or popping. Your wiring may not be installed correctly to ensure that these mid-air transfers don’t get start a fire, melt wires, or cause damage. Arcing wires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, are to blame for more than 20,000 home structure fires and hundreds of deaths a year.
    • Unexplained Power OutagesYour home’s electrical system may be to blame for putting you in the dark. Older homes may have wiring far under-equipped to handle today’s modern electric needs. Overburdening your system or not being equipped with the correct system can be cause for major concern. Your home may be experiencing a neighborhood issue, but single occurrences of one building losing power are indicative of something wrong with your power source. Reliable will be on the scene with a local electrician ASAP to help you resolve this. If you have an emergency, we can also get you set up with a generator that will provide you service in the meantime and in the event of future problems.When managing an electrical emergency, you are facing a dangerous and potentially fatal problem. These instances of smoke, odors, sparks, or failing systems require the immediate attention of a professional.

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