Generators for a Power Outage in Southeast Florida

Posted On: August 10, 2012

Losing power is frustrating for any home or business owner. Every aspect of your daily life is affected, and if you do not prepare you can be in for a very uncomfortable few days or even weeks. A power outage doesn’t have to be frustrating though, smart home and business owners in Southeast Florida can install a standby home generator to get them through any power outage. The right company to install your standby home generator is Reliable Power Systems, Inc. We are the best generator contractor in Southeast Florida and guarantee all of our work.

What Is A Standby Home Generator?

A standby home generator is a generator that we permanently install at your home and tie into your electrical system. Standby power generators come in many brands and sizes ranging from small 8 KW generators to power a few appliances in your home to 125 KW generators that can power your entire business in the event of a power loss. These generators monitor the power coming into your home and automatically turn on when they sense a loss of power. With a standby generator in your home or business, you will no longer have to worry about power outages and can relax in your home or business, even when your neighbors are suffering without lights or air conditioning.

What Options Do I Have For A Standby Power Generator?

As a home or business owner, you have many different options for a standby power generator. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. sells four different brands of generators Generac, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton and GE. Each of these brands has generators ranging in size for both residential and commercial operations.

Residential Generators– Residential generators typically range in size from 6 KW to 50 KW. The type and size of your generator will depend on the needs of your family. With a smaller generator, anything under 17KW, your generator will be able to handle just a few electrical appliances such as a refrigerator and some lights. If you want to be able to run your air conditioning, a must for many Southeast Florida homeowners, you will need a larger unit. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. has friendly staff and technicians that will help you decide what type of generator is best. We will help you handle all of the permitting and approvals you may need from the city or homeowners association.

Commercial Generators– If your business does not have power, you are losing money. When a power outage strikes, whether it is for a few hours or a few days, it is important for you to have backup power to keep your business running. Commercial generators start at 22 KW and range in size all the way to 125 KW. The size generator you will need for your business is dependent on your needs in the event of a power outage. Our technicians will make a customized generator plan that takes into account what type of business you have, the type of equipment you need to constantly run, your customer base and more. We are here to answer any of your generator questions.

Don’t suffer when the power goes out; call reliable Power Systems, Inc. today.