Electrical Upgrades to Start Off the New Year

interior lighting installation in Deerfield BeachElectrical upgrades for the New Year should be the first priority for every homeowner. If you want to keep your safe secure especially for your family, then making some adjustments to your home might just do that for you. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 50,000 fires are caused by faulty electrical systems in homes each year. This means having updated electrical systems can take your home a long way. Unfortunately, 450 death have occurred due to these home fires including 1500 injuries. It’s scary to think about, however with these ten simple yet effective tips on how to upgrade your home for the New Year, you won’t have to worry about these possibilities happening to you.

Why Listen to Reliable Electric?

At Reliable Electric, we know the ins and outs of electrical systems and electrical safety. To ensure that your family is safe, we take the time to understand your electrical problems and concerns. If your home is ever in need of an electrical upgrade, our experienced and well-trained associates will be more than prepared to handle those tasks. We know how to complete a job whether it is an installation, repair, or inspection. And with our timely service, we’ll have a job completed in efficient fashion, making sure that the stress you might have over your electrical systems will be wiped away.

Some Key Electrical Upgrades

  1. Extension Cord Placement- At some point in time, you’ve had to use an extension cord, taking one time from one room to another. There is nothing wrong with that, however, what could be wrong is the way it is placed or how it is used. It is important to make sure all extension cords are in a safe place and far away from doorways, under carpets, near heaters, or near any items that could damage the cord.
  2. Sockets Near Water- We always find ourselves using electrical appliances in areas where water is present such as the bathroom or kitchen. And even though we know water and electricity are a bad combination, we still tend to do it. So if that’s the case for you, then insert a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter socket in your bathroom or kitchen counter. This way, if water were to somehow get into the socket, the GFCI socket would help ground it out.
  3. Signs of Faulty Wiring- There are many signs for faulty wiring and ones that you might be noticing day to day but doing nothing about. Some of these signs include blown out fuses, tripping circuits, or flickering or dimming lights. If this is the case for your home. then it is time for an electrical upgrade. It’s important to call an electrician who can handle the upgrade for you, by pinpointing what exactly is causing these problems and fix them.
  4. Wattages- Make sure to check all of your lamps to see if the bulbs inside of them match with the recommended wattage. Each lamp has the wattage written on the inside and if you make the right adjustments it can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Higher wattage bulbs tend to blow more often and pose a threat to your home. They also take up more energy causing your electricity bill to increase.
  5. Damaged Cords- A small tear in a damaged cord is enough to spark a fire. So it is important to take the opportunity to check every cord in your home and handle damaged ones with great caution. Call an electrician to handle the situation if it feels unsafe to you. They’ll either replace or repair the cord based on how the tear looks.
  6. Install More Outlets- Do you find yourself using extension cords throughout your house or way too often? If so, then it may be time to call an electrician and install more sockets throughout your home. Even if the extension cord seems safe at the moment, installing more sockets will keep you prepared especially in the case of a damaged which can cause a severe risk.
  7. Outlet Overload- Nothing is more convenient than using outlet expanders or added extension cords, especially when you need a lot of appliances plugged in all at once. However, as time passes along an outlet could overload and overheat, which poses a major fire hazard. So if you decide to use expanders or extra cords, make sure to keep a close eye on them.
  8. Energy Efficient Appliances- Utilizing energy efficient appliances has become a major trend. The reason is because it not only is better for your home but it will also save you a lot more money. Energy efficient appliances can make a difference on your monthly utility bill and at the same keep your home safe. So think about installing new energy efficient appliances for the New Year.
  9. Surge Protectors- One random spark of a power surge is enough to start a fire and overload the circuits throughout your home. One way to counter this potential danger is by installing surge protectors. Surge protectors help prevent future issues from arriving especially during times of large storms or power surges. Do your electrical system a favor and install surge protectors.
  10. Smoke Detectors- Last but definitely not least are smoke detectors. If you think about it, smoke detectors are your first line of defense in case of an emergency. So make sure to install new smoke detectors, because at the end of the day you’ll feel safer knowing that your smoke detectors are brand new and up and running.

Don’t leave your home at risk and start the New Year off on the right foot with these electrical upgrades – call Reliable Electric today for all things electric!

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