Five Features That Make Up Your Electrical System

whole house surge protectorWhen we first become a home owner there are a lot of tasks put on our plate. There are so many things to know about your home once you start moving in, and it tends to feel like a full-time job. Sometimes we overlook certain features of our home because of this, which can cause lasting effects. One of the things that should never be overlooked is your electrical system because without a maintained electrical system, a lot can go wrong in a hurry. Ignoring your electrical system will not only harm the safety of your family and home, it will also hike up your utility bills and increase your carbon footprint. No one wants to deal with these aspects, so here’s a chance to learn more about your electrical system and its features.

What Does Reliable Know About Electrical Systems?

Here at Reliable Electrical Services, we know all the various features and components that make up your home’s electrical system. If sometimes breaks, we are first to be there to assess and repair any situation. Reliable cares about increasing your personal and home safety. Small problems with your electrical system can quickly create dangerous situations. That is why all our well-trained electricians are prepared to handle the toughest situations. And we also have the knowledge required to make smart energy consumption and safety decisions for you and your home moving forward. So, take advice from us, and learn about the five major components that make up your electrical system.

Why Bother Learning About Your Electrical System?

Taking the time to learn about your electrical system can do wonders for your home. You can receive a host of benefits when you pay attention to how everything is working. You’ll be increasing your home’s safety so that when a small problem occurs, you’ll know exactly what to do. That way you’ll avoid any potentially dangerous situations. You can also decrease your monthly utility bills, and who wouldn’t want that? Understanding the features that go along with your electrical system will help you realize what is working efficiently and what isn’t. This will help you avoid wasted energy. Lastly, you’ll begin to make smart energy consumption choices. You will easily identify which habits work for your family and which harm your electrical system. You will also learn ways to save more money and decrease your carbon footprint.

Major Features of an Electrical System

Something worth noting: electricity is inherently dangerous. According to the United States Fire Administration, around 6.3% of all home fires are caused by an electrical malfunction every year. So, here are the five components that help protect your home from electrical fire.

  1. Meter – Say your home is a living, breathing thing. If that’s the case, then think of the meter like it’s the brain This box, usually located on either the exterior of your home or in an accessible place indoors, is the intelligence behind your electrical system. It lets you view how much energy you’re consuming at the moment, allowing you to make smarter decisions going forward. Knowing how your meter works help you become more aware of your electrical bill, and can reveal some problems that could potential lead to more wasted energy.
  2. Main Breaker Panel – Since we’re classifying the meter as the brain, then the main breaker panel is the heart of your electrical system. Located in a basement or closet, the breaker panel controls the distribution board that divides the electrical power throughout your home. This allows you to turn the TV or refrigerator on at the same time. If you blow a fuse and suddenly lose electricity, then go right to your breaker panel to resolve the issue.
  3. The brain, the heart, what’s next? Circuits. Think of your circuits as your arteries. When power is piped into your home by an energy provider, it is funneled through the rest of your system through these circuits. You have different circuits for every part of your home, either the upstairs area, downstairs, basement, for the garage, etc.
  4. GCFIs – Ground fault circuit interrupters have an important duty. They automatically shut off electrical power to a circuit if it senses an electrical current flowing the wrong direction. GFCIs help protect against electric shock and fires.
  5. AFCIS – Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters detect faults in your electrical system. They mainly intended to prevent electrical fires as well, similar to GCFIs. Another extremely important feature for your electrical system.

Take this knowledge and use it to your benefit to keep your family safe – call Reliable Electrical Services today!

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