Electrical Myths On Your Home

circuit breakerWe hear so much advice nowadays about how to handle your home’s electricity and what’s right and wrong. It all comes down to taking care of your family and your home without seeing any problems. Of course, we like to think that what we are doing on a daily basis is okay and that we’re not harming our home in any way. However, a lot of the time our electricity system can go unnoticed and it becomes hard to keep track of during our busy lives. At the end of the day, misinformation can go in one hear which prompts us to change something about our electricity. Make sure to understand the electrical myths and know what is right and wrong when it comes to your home’s electricity.

How Does Reliable Know About Electrical Myths?

Reliable Electric has been around since 2002 and there’s reason behind it. We pride ourselves on high-quality service and guarantee customer satisfaction. When it comes to electrical maintenance, repair, or installation, we should be the first electricians you call. We work hard for all our customers because we care about your home. All we want is to provide safe services so that you can breathe easy knowing your home is taken care. Know more about electrical myths and make sure to take this knowledge with you when it comes to your home.

Sleep Mode for Computers

The first electrical myth that every single person can relate to is “sleep” mode for their computers saves electricity. Wrong. Computers left plugged in general are still using electricity. The same goes for all of your other appliances that you might be leaving plugged in, say your phone charger? These appliances use up a ton of energy when they’re plugged into your home. One way to help you with this habit is by plugging your electrical devices into a power strip. Then when you’ve stopped using them or decide to go to bed, you can just turn them all off with one flip of the switch. It might take more time to warm up your computer in the AM but it shouldn’t matter to you because you’re saving more money!

Overloading Circuits

When it comes to your breaker, no one ever wants to see it trip. If you pay close attention to your breaker, you’ll be able to prevent any damage or your circuit breaker from tripping. Yet, people still accidently trip breakers whether it’s once a week or once in a decade. Regardless, it’s not always you that causing circuit breakers to trip. Realistically, tripping of breakers is what keeps people from overloading their circuits. So, technically there’s not much to worry about, yet this myth is still in existence.

GFCIs Only Trip When Someone Gets Shocked

The whole purpose of ground-fault interrupters or GFCIs is to prevent electrocutions of people. But what people are constantly confused over is the difference between an actual person getting shocked and a clot of dirt. The design of GFCIs only notifies them to trip if it suspects a ground-fault of any kind.

Only Old Wires Go Bad

Another electrical myth that has people worrying about their home. Technically, new wires can go bad too if their damage. Just like anything everything else in your home, new or old, it must get taken care of. Wires in walls don’t exactly deteriorate over time and damage from rodents is quite rare. What really causes damage is the electrical boxes you’re using that holds your switches, lights, and all your connections. Any wire can be affected by that and it’ll put a strain on them.

Flipping a Breaker Will Reset It

Well, obviously the first thing you’ll probably do to reset your circuit breaker is by turning it off then turning it back on again. However, you actually need to be firm when turning the breaker on then off. Pressing the circuit breaker handle strongly to off and then strongly on when help solves these problems. You don’t actually flip the breaker, it requires a little more grip.

Only Bad Breakers Don’t Reset

Not necessarily. Another electrical myth is that bad breakers don’t reset. Piggy-backing off the last myth, resetting a circuit breaker is not just pushing the handle on. If the breaker trips after resetting it and waiting five seconds, it should always respond. It will never trip from a mechanical blemish. Check if an outage was caused by a tripped breaker.

Don’t fall for electrical myths and instead take advantage of saving money for your home and your appliances – call Reliable Electrical Services today!

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