Switches and Outlets in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Electrical switches and outlets are essential to your home electrical system. Reliable Electrical Services assists with the placement, power, and upgrade of these home electrical essentials. Our team of professionals is frequently trained on the latest industry-leading technology and equipment to make sure your home and your home’s electrical systems stay safe.

For years the experts at Reliable Electrical Services has offered switch and outlet solutions throughout the Palm Beach and Broward County areas. Our full-service electricians work to provide you and your home with switch and outlet options that are safe, innovative, and creative.

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When Is It Time for a Switch and Outlet Upgrade in My Broward County Home?

Chances are, if yours is an older home, its switches and outlets need an upgrade. It’s not merely the age of your home’s electrical system that matters, it’s how that system was installed and relays electricity that counts.

An upgrade is necessary if you have:

  •  Builder grade outlets
  •  Two-prong outlets
  •  Old wiring connected via “backstabbing”

Our fully licensed master electricians improve switch and outlet power and safety, ensuring that the circuit’s connectivity no longer relies on running through the given device or appliance being used.

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Switch and Outlet Upgrade Benefits for Palm Beach Homes

We are a full-service electrical company devoted not only to superior electrical functionality but also to creative lighting design and both indoor and outdoor home improvement. Our professionals can upgrade switches and outlets for the purposes of home safety and power enhancement, but we can also help plan and design home remodeling or additions for optimal electrical efficiency.

Here’s some of what we provide:

  • Commitment to prompt, top-quality residential service
  • Quoted upfront fixed pricing

Whether you are upgrading your switches or outlets for looks or for functionality, Reliable Electrical Services is your one-stop shop. Don’t let a “simple” outlet upgrade become a do-it-yourself disaster, call in the experts at Reliable Electrical Services today.

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