3 Jobs Requiring the Help of a Palm Beach Electrician

Posted On: December 31, 2015

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You know what’s fun? Buying a saucy pair of stilettos is fun. You know what else is fun? Signing up for a season long membership at a new golf club.

You know what’s not fun? Paying a Palm Beach electrician for electrical repairs.

However, probably some of the least fun you can have is when you need to pay a Palm Beach electrician more because you’ve caused serious damage trying to fix a major electrical problem yourself. That’s the definition of “not fun.”

Tackling some home projects can give you a great sense of pride, but in general it’s best to leave the electric to the professionals.

3 Electricians-Only Jobs

1. Rewiring

Rewiring an old home is a large undertaking. It requires knowledge far beyond amperage capacities, including a thorough understanding of city and state codes. While there are many videos and online guides explaining how to rewire a home, doing so is not something a weekend warrior should attempt.

2. Handling High Voltage

If you’re considering replacing your home’s gas oven with an electric one you may not realize that it will require its own dedicated circuit. A Palm Beach electrician will know how to add or modify and the existing electrical system in your home without overloading the circuit. A professional Palm Beach electrician, such a Reliable Electrical Services’ team member, will also test and inspect the work they have done to weed out any existing problems you might not be aware of.

3. Converting Outlets

Kitchens and bathrooms in newly constructed homes are generally required by law to have one GFCI outlet. GFCIs, or ground fault circuit interrupters, turn off when they detect they’re losing current at an inappropriate rate. An example of which would be if a child put their finger, a fork or water into the outlet. Shutting down prevents shocks and burns. GFCI outlets add an extra level of safety in high, mixed-use areas such as the kitchen or bathroom where children might be present or left unattended.

However, a badly grounded GFCI is a definite fire hazard, which is why you should call a Palm Beach electrician if you are thinking about making the switch.