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Electrical Code Compliance InspectionIn order to raise awareness, The Electrical Safety Foundation International have proclaimed May of 2015 to be National Electrical Safety Month. The electrical experts here at Reliable want to help! We’re spreading the word about electrical safety to all homeowners in Boca Raton in order to help make 2015 safe and bright for home and business owners alike.

The ESFI wants home and business owners to know about the electrical dangers that can come from outside of your home, so in this blog we through we’d share some of the most common outdoor electrical safety threats of which you should be aware.

Electrical Safety in Boca Raton: Think OUTSIDE of the Home

Hurricane season poses perhaps a largest threat here in South Florida than perhaps any other part of the continental US. Between May and October, tropical storms rage across our beaches and create havoc — particularly on the electrical grid! But hurricanes aren’t the only outdoor electrical threat that homeowners need to know about. Others include:

  • Power Lines– Never plant a tree too close to a telephone line without consulting with an expert regarding if it has room to grow. Plus, if you’re going to dig, be code compliant: never dig where there may be an underground power line, and call 811 before you start.
  • Broken Extension Chords– While many homeowners may not know this, electrical extension chords are only supposed to provide a temporary solution to an electrical problem. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets (or if the outlets are in the wrong places), the best thing to do is call Reliable for outlet installation. We can easily (and safely) add a new circuit to your electrical panel so you don’t have to rely on extension chords every again. Remember to never use indoor electrical outlets outdoors!
  • Outdoor Outlets– Any outlets attached to the outside of the house should have weatherproof covers. They should also be GFCI outlets — ground fault circuit interrupters — so they can ground the electrical current in case of a flood.
  • Generator Issues– Did you know that an improperly installed generator is a carbon monoxide risk? Standby power is hugely important, but you should always make sure that your generator installer is a licensed professional like the ones at Reliable Power.
  • Swimming Pools– Bodies of water are electrical conductors, so if you have a pool or a hot tub in your back-yard you should have it inspected by a professional for electrical safety.

Remember, code compliance in Boca Raton is of critical importance! Make sure your family is safe with a code compliance check from the electrical service experts.

May is Electrical Safety Month: Is Your Home Code Compliant?

Right now, you can call Reliable Electrical Services and request a whole-home safety check, or you can ask us to inspect your electrical panel, generator, or other electrical appliance. Our professional team will help you determine the areas where you’re covered, the areas that are not code compliant, and the places where your home’s safety can improve. The only true way to know if your home is properly up to code is to request a check for code compliance from the Boca Raton professionals! 24/7, our experts are always ready in case of an electrical emergency

Electrical codes change fairly frequently How do you know if your home is up to date? Make sure you have the following:

  • GFCI Outlets
  • Surge Protection
  • Circuit Breaker Electrical Panel
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

Need a code compliance check in Boca Raton? Call Reliable Electrical Services to schedule a whole-home code compliance inspection today!

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