6 Tips for Electrical Troubleshooting

Posted On: March 15, 2017

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most vital things to do for your home this season. Even if you think your home’s electrical system is current working well, you may still encounter problems like flickering lights, damaged outlets, frayed wiring, outdated electrical fixtures, and more. If you plan on having guests over the house, it will be difficult to entertain them when your home is loaded with faulty electricity. Even if you’re not planning to be a host this season, a lack of maintenance for your electrical system can spell trouble. Due to lower efficiency, you may find yourself paying more on electrical bills, which can put a major dent in your savings when you’re already trying to spend money for other purposes. Worse, you may be turning your home into a giant safety hazard. The Red Cross reports that 47,000 fires occur each winter, many of them due to outdated, ungrounded outlets. If you allow any damaged outlets continue to run, your home may join that troubling statistic. This season shouldn’t be spent worrying over your electrical system, so you should call your local electrical company if you want to learn more on how to take action.

How Reliable Electrical Services Can Help You

Fortunately, you can take comfort in the fact that Reliable Electrical Services is ready to help you with any of your electrical troubleshooting needs. Our team of licensed electricians are more than ready to help you by offering a wide range of electrical services to cover every need imaginable. As far as we’re concerned, this winter should be all about spending time with your family, not worrying over when the next electrical emergency will break out. We don’t want to see life in your home ruined by electrical problems either, so that’s why we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction. With our help, you will experience greater cost-efficiency throughout the season without sacrificing quality electrical performance. You will be able to save so much more on electrical bills, which can help you gear your savings toward buying the items you really want. Best of all, you will save your family from the risk of house fires and electrical shock. Once you know your home is equipped with electricity keeping everyone protected, you will be able to experience a much better peace of mind!

6 Helpful Tips

In addition to our help, please take note of these 6 tips on how to improve your electrical system:

  1. Upgrade Outlets: Electrical outlets need to be upgraded if they are two-pronged. The main problem with two-prong outlets is that they are not suited to meet modern electrical needs and will make your home more susceptible to a fire. You should instead have a licensed electrician install three-prong outlets, which will be much more capable in providing you with the electrical power you need.
  2. Add Outlets: Are you feeling as if you have too many appliances and not enough outlets? Then it may be time to consider making a few additions. Consult with an electrician to determine how many outlets will be needed and where they should be installed. Adding more outlets will prevent you from overloading a power strip.
  3. Install Whole Home Surge Protection: Whole home surge protection will protect your appliances and outlets from becoming damaged due to a power surge, allowing you to get greater usage out of your electrical system. If you plan to have guests over the house, you need to make sure your appliances are protected so they continue to work for a longer period of time
  4. Install GFCI Outlets: A GFCI outlet will keep you away from the threat of electrocution, especially in areas of the home where water will be likely to mix with electricity including garages, kitchens, and bathrooms. They will immediately shut off the flow of electrical power once it detects an irregular flow of electrical power.
  5. Check Exterior Lighting: You most likely have exterior lighting decorating the outside of your home. It may look nice, but it’s important to give it an inspection. Fires due to faulty exterior lighting are common, and you need to make sure your home doesn’t become a cautionary tale.
  6. Call Reliable for : Electrical MaintenanceThe best way you can prevent problems with your electrical system is to have an expert from Reliable Electrical Services check it out. A professional will closely inspect your system down to the last detail and make durable repairs for any problem they encounter. An annual checkup from a professional is exactly what you need to ensure your electrical system is ready to go for the year ahead.

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