5 Tips for Hurricane Preparation in Boca Raton

Posted On: September 28, 2015

Electric HouseThe winds are picking up and the rain will soon come pouring down, which is why hurricane prevention in Boca Raton is an absolute must if you expect to remain safe this season. Some nasty hurricanes have hit Florida in recent years, costing Boa Raton residents their homes and forcing them to spend money on countless repair and remodeling. However, above all else, the safety of your friends and family should come before anything, and it’s up to you as a responsible homeowner the proper safety precautions to ensure their lives won’t put in danger.

Fortunately, Reliable Power Systems has your interests at heart and while we take passion in provide electric service in Boca Raton, we aim to keep our customers safe before anything else. Our hurricane prevention experts are always available to give advice on how to protect your home and family from the intense winds and rain of a hurricane. When it comes to ensuring home safety, you can always count on Reliable.

Hurricane Preparation in Boca Raton: Top 5 Tips

You just watched the weather forecast and an intense hurricane is on its way—oh no! But don’t worry, because the experts at Reliable are here to help fight against hurricanes so you’re primed and ready to go once the winds and rain pick: Here are 5 safety tips for hurricane preparation in Boca Raton:

  1. Trim Trees and Shrubs: One of the most dangerous things during a hurricane is the presence of tree and shrub branches flying around, which can create physical damage to your home and even cause you physical injury. If you know a storm is on its way, trim tree and shrub branches so there’s less of a chance of you or your home coming into contact with flying debris.
  2. Invest in a Backup Generator: Losing power during an intense storm is common problem, but it can still be dangerous operating in a home without any working power to support you during a storm. Invest in a backup generator to supply your home with ongoing power, even when the storm threatens to knock it out for good.
  3. Enclose All Outdoor Furniture: If flying tree branches sounds dangerous, then flying grills and lawn chairs is even scarier. Bring outdoor furniture that can be easily taken away by the wind and place it indoors.
  4. Develop an Evacuation Plan: In the event that you need to evacuate your home, please develop an evacuation plan to ensure the safety of you and your family. Determining the easiest way out of your home can mean all the difference in home safety.
  5. Cover Windows: Your windows are the area of your home most at risk to be damaged during a hurricane. To protect your windows from smashing, equip your windows with hurricane shutters or plywood.

Contact Reliable Power Systems today to learn more about hurricane preparation in Boca Raton to shield yourself from the storm!