4 Safety Tips for Electrical Outlets in Delray Beach, FL

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Is the electrical system in your home a bit outdated? If so, you may be posing a danger to yourself and your family in your home, without even realizing it. One of the easiest areas to cause home from your electrical system is the spot where you tap into it every day – your outlets. Outlets shouldn’t be deadly, but they can be dangerous nonetheless. Below we have gathered 4 safety tips for electrical outlets in Delray Beach, FL, to help you keep your home as safe as possible.

  1. Keep ‘Em Updated: Anyone living in an old home may recognize the antiquated 2-prong outlets that litter the walls. You may not realize it, or even think twice about them, but they present a hazard in your home. Newer, three-prong outlets offer a grounding wired to help stop backlash from surges or static shock, lowering the chance of electrocution when plugging in your hair drier, computer or whatever other appliance you need to charge.
  1. Check the Grounding: If your home has older, 2-prong outlets and you’re going to upgrade to 3-prong outlets, make sure they have a grounding wire installed. If not, then these new 3-prong outlets won’t be grounded, and won’t be supplying the added safety benefits of updated outlets. If your home is lacking the grounding wire, have a professional electrician install it along with 3-prong outlets.
  1. Outlet Covers: If you have a small child, you realize just how curious they can be. Whether it be with food, toys or valuables, they’re happiest throwing, eating or putting them where they don’t belong the second you look away. Easily this can lead to outlets as well, which will result in quite the shocking experience for your toddler. Buying outlet covers, which can come in many sizes and styles, to cover these outlets when they’re not being used is the most effective way to keep them safe.
  1. Use New Cords: If your extension cords or appliances have old, frayed, and broken cords, replace them for your safety. These old cords can easily break and expose open wires, and if your hands are touching them, it can lead to an easily avoided shock, even if you have safe and updated outlets in your home.

Outlets are easily overlooked in your home, but if not maintained or used carefully can become a wake-up call in electrical maintenance. For any repair, replacement or questions you have on electrical outlets in Delray Beach, FL, call Reliable Electrical services, your local electrical professionals.