3 Electrical Upgrades in Boca Raton You Should Consider!

Posted On: October 16, 2015

Are you feeling your home’s electricity could use a boost? Then it may be time to consider electrical upgrades in Boca Raton. Homes with older, faulty electrical features are much more unsafe and tend to have a lower home value compared to homes that have modern, highly efficient electricity.  And it’s not without good reason either! When it comes to establishing a strong electric system in your home, safety should be the top priority before anything else, especially if you have a family with small children.  No buyer will be interested in a home with dated electrical features that can lead to electrical shocks and power outages.

Allow Reliable Electric Services to provide you with electrical upgrades in Boca Raton that will make your home safer than ever before. Our team of electricians always goes above and beyond in ensuring your home’s electricity is 100% safe for the entire family. Thanks to our service, we can equip your home with working electricity to help boost its value and make it a positive investment on the market!

What Electrical Upgrades in Boca Raton Should You Consider?

Successful electrical upgrades involve more than just installing a light or two. Our team of electricians prefer to consult with you so upgrades are done in a way that meets your home’s specifications down to the last detail. Here 3 upgrades that will keep a safe, steady flow of electricity in your home:

  1. 200 AMP Services: Homes in the Boca Raton area today have more electrical demands than ever before. Allow us to provide your home with a 200 AMP upgrade so you’ll have working electricity for your spa, home office, kitchen, living room, and more! This will ensure you’ll experience less of a chance of power failure when you’re looking to provide electricity for multiple appliances in multiple rooms of your home!
  2. Breaker and Fuse Upgrades: Older homes in Boca Raton have breakers and fuses that simply can’t keep up with today’s electrical demands. We’re your number-one service for breaker and fuse upgrades that expand your home’s electrical capacity to ensure there will never come a time when you need lack electrical power.
  3. Service and Panel Updates: While the average lifespan of your panel hovers around 20 to 30 years, it may be time to replace it to ensure quality electrical performance in your home. It’s also important to consider updating your panel if it doesn’t meet your local codes. We can provide you with a more modern panel that can better handle today’s electric demands.

Contact Reliable Electric Services today for electrical upgrades in Boca Raton. Usher your electricity into the 21st century with us!