125kw Kohler Generator Installation on Star Island in Miami, FL

Posted On: September 3, 2013

Kohler Generator Installation in Miami, FL

If your utility grid fails, this system will keep you comfortable

We recently installed a 125kw Kohler generator complete with an 800-amp automatic transfer switch for a waterfront home on Star Island in Miami. Reliable Power Systems was responsible for the complete installation, including the concrete retaining wall and the elevated concrete slab, which had 13 pin piles driven into the earth for support.

Kohler models provide reliable power for several different kinds of applications for both residences and businesses. They have industrial-grade engines that will keep your home or business comfortable should the utility grid fail due to a storm or other reason. When they detect a power outage they start supplying electricity within 10 seconds. You will receive a steady stream of power that will protect delicate electronics, such as computers and high-definition televisions.

They come with controllers that can help you monitor your generator remotely through a PC and come standard with a sturdy steel enclosure. You will probably want to consider getting an aluminum enclosure because they resist corrosion. That is a very important quality in a salt-air climate such as Florida. These models also come with a five-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

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