100kw Kohler Generator Installation in Palm Beach Island, FL

Photos show what generator installation looks like

When you’re looking into purchasing a generator for your home, you probably read numerous websites about which kind is best. Do you go with a big one? Small one? What model best fits your needs?

But what you may not see along your search is what happens during a generator installation and the way the finished product turns out. At Reliable Power Systems, we document all of our installations with photographs so it’s easy for you – the customer – to visualize. We also have a brief description of what we did to install this Mac Daddy 100kw Kohler generator.

  1. We paired this generator with a 600A Kohler automatic transfer switch for whole house coverage.
  2. This generator is really high end, comes with an all aluminum enclosure, and – in addition to that – we had it retro-fitted with all aluminum base rails so they cannot rust. This comes in especially handy when living by the ocean.
  3. We had to install the generator with a 90 ton crane as the generator was almost 100 feet away from the driveway and down a level.

Check out our installation pictures so you’ll know what to expect when you call Reliable Power Systems for all of your generator installation needs!

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