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Posted On: February 27, 2013

Federal Pacific and Zinsco Panels Outdated and Unreliable

As a homeowner, you know the number one thing you don’t want to mess around with is electricity. And, unfortunately, electrical wiring and panels is probably not something you know all that much about.

But that’s okay – that’s why Reliable Electrical Services is here. We want to caution you against certain electrical panels, as they can be fire hazards in your home. In addition, we offer top quality panels with great warranties to better protect your home from fire, and increase the amount of power your devices can handle.

Faulty Electrical Panels

The two panels we want to warn you about are Federal Pacific and Zinsco Sylvania.

1. Federal Pacific: Though millions of these panels were installed between 1950 and 1980, many electricians have since found that they sometimes fail to provide proper protection to homeowners. After just one short circuit, they can become fire hazards. The three major faults of these systems are as follows:

  • Manufacturing defects: The materials that were used to make these breakers may be weak and, therefore, fail to trip potentially causing the panel to catch on fire.
  • Failure to pass updated safety codes: If there is a Federal Pacific breaker in your home that hasn’t been serviced by an electrician for 15 years, it’s effectiveness will be significantly reduced.
  • Created with significant design flaws: Many Federal Pacific breakers are made with loose connections, making them pretty useless in protecting your home against electrical fires. Instead, the breakers could actually melt.

2. Zinsco: Like Federal Pacific, Zinsco breakers have been found to be fire and shock hazards. Arcing, contact-point burn, and circuit breaker case blow-outs have been observed with these panels. The reasons behind these problems are due to a design flaw, where the circuit breaker’s connection to the bus bar gets loose and causes overheating. Though there are replacements specifically for the Zinsco breakers, it’s often better to just have an entire panel replacement with something more modern.

At Reliable Power Services, we replace these old, outdated panels with top quality ones, such as the Cutler Hammer BR series, that comes with a 10 year warranty, and the Cutler Hammer CH Series load center that includes a lifetime warranty.

But, if you and your family are looking for something different, we also recommend the Siemens ES Series, with a 10 year warranty, or the Siemens PL Series load center with a lifetime warranty.

The choice is yours! You just have to get us there to install it for you. Call Reliable Electrical Services today!