Knob & Tube Upgrades in Palm Beach & Broward Counties, FL

Knob and tube electrical systems first came alive in the late 1800s. Besides some potentially modernized upgrades, they are largely inefficient in today’s homes. They are unable to produce the necessary power needed in the average home.

If you live in an older home, it’s possible the home has a knob and tube electrical system. This means you may experience frequent power outages. It can also mean you run the risk of serious electrical damage and safety hazards.

Looking an expert “near me” to help you figure out if your home is operating on an antiquated knob and tube system? Ready to upgrade your system to a safer, more efficient option?

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Why Replace Knob & Tube Electrical System?

Simply put, knob and tube wiring is a liability. Here are six reasons why:

  1. Knob and tube systems can be easily damaged by rodents and home renovations.
  2. They may be grounds for denials of homeowners insurance coverage.
  3. The cloth and rubber insulation in knob and tube systems can easily become fragile with age.
  4. There is no safety grounding conductor in these systems.
  5. Knob and tube electrical systems run the risk of overfusing.
  6. These systems have a low circuit capacity.

If your home is running on an outdated knob and tube electrical system, call the trusted local electricians at Reliable Electrical Services today. These outdated systems can pose a serious threat to your home. So, don’t wait until you have an issue or emergency.

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How Reliable Electrical Services Can Help Homeowners in Broward & Palm Beach Counties, FL

To upgrade your wiring, we can increase circuit capacity and safely ground your home’s electricity with three prong outlets and arc-fault protection.

Our electricians are experts in replacing knob and tube wiring and devising innovative solutions to upgrade wiring systems for any home.

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Experience the Difference Reliable Services Makes

For nearly 20 years, Reliable Electrical Services has been providing top-notch service and electrical solutions to those throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties, FL. Known for providing superior customer service, we’re focused on offering first-class, innovative, and safety-oriented electrical solutions. When you contact us for any electrical need, you can always expect:

  • Upfront pricing
  • Top-quality service
  • The highest quality systems, products, and equipment
  • Professional, licensed, fully trained, and insured electricians who arrive on time, efficiently complete the job, and treat you—and your home—with the utmost care and respect

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