Whole Home Surge Protector Installation in Boca Tierra of Boca Raton

Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fire with Surge Protection

whole house surge protectorThe fact is that many people don’t know a whole lot about electricity. As a homeowner, you probably understand the basics, and at Reliable Electrical, we don’t expect you to know much more than that. But, in order to properly protect yourself from electrical shock or fire, you should hear what we have to say about whole home surge protection. First and foremost: Do you know exactly what a power surge even is? Well, power surges are those massive jolts of electricity that ramp up the electric current flowing through wall outlets. If your home experiences a power surge, your electronic devices and appliances can quickly be destroyed by this rush of electricity.

What Causes Power Outages?

The most common cause of power outages involve running too many high-powered appliances all at one time in the home. Those include devices like air conditioners, computers, televisions game systems, etc.

Other causes are:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Downed power lines
  • Turning those high-powered appliances on and off too frequently
  • Tough rare, a lightning strike

Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection

Isn’t it obvious? Whole home surge protection is the one thing you can install in your home that will protect you from these unannounced, unwanted power surges. These devices protect the interior and exterior of your home, not to mention specific appliances individually. They help you to significantly reduce the risk of power surge-related problems, like shock or fire – two things you definitely don’t want your family exposed to. Your best bet is to have a licensed electrician from Reliable Electrical come out to your home and do an inspection. We will determine what your electrical needs are make suggestions for surge protection accordingly.

Don’t put your family at risk – call Reliable Electrical Services to get started on your whole home surge protection installation today!

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