What to Consider For Whole Home Surge Protection

Burned Circuit BoardWhole home surge protection keeps the power running in your house, even when a storm outside threatens to prevent you from using your most essential appliances. Every year here in Florida, storms cause power surges that can damage your electronics and potentially cause damage to your central A/C unit, leaving you to spend more money on electrical repairs and replacement. If the damage occurs in the middle of a hot summer, it also increases discomfort for your whole family. You may also experience damage to electronics, including computers. Even if your computer is plugged into a power strip, it can still become damaged during a power surge or if lightning strikes your home. It may seem a little too over-the-top to suggest that a lightning bolt can do serious damage to your home, but it’s true. A lightning can even fray wiring, and lead to spending more money on electrical rewiring services. If you want to avoid all of these troubles and ensure a steady flow of power in your home, now is the perfect time to get whole home surge protection. But before you install, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth and installing protection that will meet all of your electrical needs.

How Can Reliable Electrical Services Help You?

Look no further than Reliable Electrical Services to install high-quality whole home surge protection. Our surge protection helps homeowners protect electronics from electrical surges and give them a longer lifespan with less wear and tear. It can also help reduce the expense of replacing big appliances, big screen TVs, and computers. Our team of electricians can also consult with you in ensuring you install the right type of surge protection for your home so you are getting your money’s worth. As an added benefit and because not all electronic equipment is created the same, you can layer whole house surge protection across your home to give extra coverage to special electronics. It even helps decrease the risks caused by lightning storms. Just by calling us for service, you can expect to rest so much easier in your home.

5 Things to Consider Before Whole Home Surge Protection

Before you make any installations, please consider these 5 factors that will influence what type of surge protection you purchase:

  1. Your Electrical Needs: Remember: the more we add to our homes, the more we need surge protection. When you consider the fact that most of what we add to our household is electronic, you need to seriously factor in how you can find surge protection effectively meeting your electrical needs. You may use green tools like smart thermostats that help to regulate your home, or own amazing electronic entertainment systems with surround sound and theater-like lighting. And, of course, you cannot leave out the power needed for computers, tablets, and other smart devices are central to our daily activities. You even need to consider appliances like coffee pots, washer and dryers, and refrigerators.
  2. Interior Power Surges: Even if a lightning storms can prove to be the cause, 80% of power surges come from inside the home. Internal power surges are caused when a large appliance shuts off. Even something like your HVAC system shutting off can cause a power surge inside of your home, mainly due to residual power in the line not having anywhere else to go and is looking through your home’s wiring for an exit route. If it hits electronics like your laptop or big-screen TV, it can cause serious damage and cause you to spend more on electrical repairs. Since electricity always looks for the path of least resistance, your appliances are immediately at risk.
  3. Protecting Your Home’s Infrastructure: You need a whole home surge protector that will protect the home’s internal wiring and outlets. The massive increase in electricity being channeled through your home’s wiring during a power surge is much hotter than the regular electrical load. It can melt wiring or damage outlets. It is a big expense to have to test and replace the electric wires throughout your home, as it may require the electrician to pull the wire through walls to reach outlets or threading wiring through conduits.
  4. Layer Surge Protection: Some electronics in your home should require layers of surge protection. These appliances include home theaters, computers, and big appliances. Electronics not covered by insurance should definitely have layered production, or else it may cost you $200 to replace. Some electronics may even hold information that cannot be recovered or replaced. For example, your home office makes layer surge protection necessary, especially for computers where data is difficult to replace.
  5. Quality, Quality, Quality: Not all surge protectors are created equally and you need to make sure you are getting the one best meeting your needs. Some brands and models of whole house power surge protectors offer reduced coverage during a power surge, but others may charge more for the same coverage. Please consult with one of our local electricians about how you can land a high-quality surge protector before you waste a significant amount of money.

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