Types of Generators in South Florida

Posted On: April 11, 2012

In our Florida climate, thinking about power loss is important in protecting our homes and businesses. When strong storms hit or if your power company is instituting blackouts to protect their aging power grids, your life can come to a standstill. Without power you cannot use your air conditioning, keep your food cold or continue to run your business; this is where generators come in. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. has three different options for your generator needs.

About Generators

Generators are appliances that run your home or business in the event of a power loss. Our generators use your existing natural or propane gas feed to keep your refrigerator cold or your lights working. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. installs permanent standby generators that continually monitor your power source and automatically kick in when your power fails.

Partial House Generators

A partial house generator will run a few select appliances in the event of a power loss. These typically include a few lights, refrigerator, microwave and other small appliances. Partial house generators provide between 7 and 18 Kilowatts to your home and are equipped with automatic switches, battery backup and distribution panels.

Whole Home Generators

Our whole house generators will provide power to all of the appliances in their homes. These generators have all of the amenities of the partial home generators including the automatic switch. Whole home generators are ideal for medium to large homes and small businesses. Our whole home generators provide between 20 and 60 Kilowatts to your home.

Commercial Three Phase Generators

For business owners, losing power can mean thousands of dollars in lost business. Our commercial three phrase generators take the worry out of bad weather. Your commercial three phase generators will seamlessly run your business in the event of power loss. You will be able to run 24/7 and keep your doors open. The commercial three phase generators provide between 60 and 100+ Kilowatts to your business.

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