Troubleshooting Common Generator Problems

Posted On: June 15, 2018

How Homeowners in Palm Beach & Broward Counties Can Troubleshoot Backup Generator ProblemsHow Homeowners in Palm Beach & Broward Counties Can Troubleshoot Backup Generator Problems

Hurricane season in Florida is right around the corner. If your generator has seemed like its performance has decreased the last time you needed it, you should have the necessary repairs done before the next storm hits.

If you are experiencing problems with your backup system, here are some ways for you to troubleshoot the problem.

Generator Repair & Troubleshooting: Warning Signs

  • Leaks. Oil, fuel, coolant—it can all potentially leak. The most common problem occurs when the generator sits idle for too long. It’s possible for fuel to leak back into the tank. Bad belts can also cause this, as well as a generators age.
  • Lack of fuel. Surprisingly, one of the most common reasons why a system fails to start is because it has run out of fuel! If your system won’t start, this should be one of the first things that you check. A low fuel signal can cause a leak or a pump system error. It’s also a possibility that your fuel gauges are off. Either way, it’s best to let a Jones Electrician take a look.
  • Wear and tear. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on your generator. Being outdoors in the elements isn’t always easy on these machines! Fluctuating temperatures can also affect the rate at which they age, as thickening of oil can occur.
  • Low coolant levels. Some models will signal an alarm and shut down when coolant levels run too low, but others won’t. A professional will be able to determine your coolant level and whether or not it needs to be fixed.
  • Dead battery. A generator can last for several years, but it’s possible for the battery to die along the way.
  • Pests. Insects, mice, and other critters can damage your machine. Check regularly for any signs, such as bites, nests, and waste.

Get Help Troubleshooting Generator Problems: Contact Reliable Power Systems

Even with troubleshooting on your end, its best to let us here at Reliable assess your generator. We recommend that you have maintenance performed on your system at least twice a year. These generator maintenance appointments will catch any issues before they become problems that could cause the complete breakdown of your system.

In the event that you haven’t been performing regular maintenance, you will likely not know there is a problem until you end up needed generator repair or generator replacement service.

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