The Importance of Generator Installation in Boca Raton

thunderstormBack in 2006, Rob Biscardi (owner of Reliable Power Systems) moved his family to South Florida, but not just for the Sunshine. Beyond the blue skies and warm temperatures Boca Raton and the surrounding cities have to offer, there was another reason for Rob, an experienced electrician and founder of Reliable Electrical Services, to make the trip: South Florida has perhaps the most demand for commercial and residential generator installation in the U.S. Why’s that, you ask?

One word: hurricanes!

Every year, Boca Raton homeowners experience one of the most intense hurricane seasons in the nation. Between approximately June and November, authorities are on watch for potentially destructive hurricanes and tropical storms that blow through this area and cause the grid to shut down. Based on historical weather data, a typical year in South Florida will bring about:

  • 12 Tropical Storms (i.e. Sustained winds of 39mph+)
  • 6 of which Become Hurricanes (Sustained winds of 74mph+)
  • 3 of which Become Major Hurricanes (Category three+)

A category 3 hurricane sustains wind speeds above 111mph. That’s more than enough to knock down trees, topple telephone poles, and wreak havoc on local electrical lines. Homeowners living in apartment or condominium communities in Boca Raton and surrounding, such as the Bridges in Delray Beach,FL, may find themselves without power for days at a time. Boca Raton is no stranger to black-outs, so it’s critical for homeowners to be prepared.

What You Need from a Boca Raton Generator Installation

That’s why Rob Biscardi decided to move from the Bronx to set up shop here in South Florida: he knew there would be a need, and he wanted to be available for people to rely on. Reliable Power Systems is open 24/7 for emergency service and call assistance, and we install the best Generac products on the market to ensure durable and satisfactory back-up power.

Here’s what you should expect from a home generator:

  • Automatic – Don’t bother stumbling around in the dark when you need standby generator power. An automatic generator will trigger and turn on the moment you lose power, so your home or business never has to go without.
  • Code Compliance– First and foremost, always make sure you have a licensed and certified technician installing your generator, that way you can be positive you’re getting a safely and correctly installed machine. Without the proper gas work and code compliance, a standby generator goes from a critically helpful tool to a dangerous liability.
  • Quiet Power– The Generac Quietsource model line is just one example of phenomenal and highly advanced generator technology that makes your back-up power practically silent. Older generators

So prepare yourself this hurricane season, and make sure your own home or business in Boca Raton is one of the buildings to still have power in case of an outage. Call Reliable Power Systems for an estimate on generator installation today!

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