South Florida’s Premier Tesla-Certified Installer of EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment)

Tesla-Certified Installer of Superchargers
The environmental and economic advantages of electric cars are numerous and people are starting to notice. With the electric car business just starting to blossom in the United States with no signs of slowing down, as a commercial property owner, you might be considering installing a car charging station to make electric car owners (your customers) appreciative and happy.

Our licensed and insured electricians at Reliable Electrical Services will provide you with any installation services for your electric vehicle service equipment in South Florida. Our specialists focus on installing Tesla-certified car charging stations to cater to modern cars, such as hybrids or full electrical models. In case you didn’t know, Tesla Motors is leading the electric car industry with a mission statement that zeros in on environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Features of our Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Installations in South Florida

Since the plug-in electric car industry is up and coming, our technicians pride themselves on being pioneers of EVSE services. We love to be on the cutting-edge of this technology. Our EVSE services in South Florida feature:

  • High-powered and enhanced amperage for longer and smoother operation
  • Enormous gas savings and decreased carbon footprint
  • NEMA 14-50 outlets that are larger, more powerful, and able to installed in multiple places. You’d probably recognize these outlets from your washing machine and dryer.

Benefits of our Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Installations in South Florida

If you own a commercial property and are thinking about installing a car charging station, consider our Tesla-certified EVSE services in South Florida so you can enjoy these important benefits that could transform your business:

  • Guaranteeing a safe and more reliable charge
  • Increasing your brand awareness by tying your services to the dominant, Tesla name in the electric care industry
  • Contribute to your business’ LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification
  • More visibility and attraction for electric car owners to come to you and not those without a car charging station
  • More revenue possibility if you decide to sell ad space on your car charging station’s interface

Reach out to our professionals at Reliable Electrical Services to install your electric vehicle service equipment in South Florida today!

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