5 Options for Outdoor Safety Lighting

Posted On: October 18, 2016

Outdoor safety lighting should not be overlooked this fall. According to the FBI, a home in the United States is broken into every 18 seconds. That adds up to nearly 200 per hour and over 4,800 break-ins every day. This statistic may sound jarring at first, but it’s incredible to think how much it can be lowered if more homeowners invested in outdoor safety lighting. Intruders will feel less inclined to break into a home with an effective security system, and upgrades in things like motion sensors and pathway lighting can keep them even further away. Not only does it keep your family from danger, it can also drastically improve property resale value. A potential buyer will be much more interested in a home with lighting that could help keep everyone safe. All it takes is just a few quick installations to make your home one of the most wanted on the block.

Why Should You Call Reliable for Service?

If you are in need of outdoor safety lighting, allow Reliable Electrical Services to help. Your safety is the number-one priority of all our electrical services, and our work on outdoor safety lighting is no different. Our team of fully-trained, licensed electricians are ready to help you at any point this fall to make your home more secure than ever. We offer a wide range of lighting options including motion sensors, spotlights, pathway lighting, and so much more.With the risk of burglaries so high, you can’t leave any area of your home left insecure. That’s why our lighting options can make sure intruders have nowhere to hide. Above all else, even making a few small additions can help you establish a peaceful atmosphere in and around your home. Calling us for service is the first step in making that possible!

What Lighting Should You Consider?

The number of outdoor safety lighting options is growing and you now have more options than ever. If we could narrow it down to the 5 options most essential to your home’s safety, we would recommend you consider:

  1. Motion Sensor Lighting: Motion sensor lighting is one of the most effective ways you can get more for your money. If motion sensors detect even the slightest bit of movement, lights will flash on immediately. Due to suddenness of the lighting, this can scare the intruder away from your home and having them looking for higher ground. Motion sensor lighting is at its most effective when it is mounted closer to the home. This will mean the intruder will have to come closer to the home to set them off, rendering them unable to make a full escape without being identified when the lights turn on.
  2. Flood Lighting: Flood lighting is extremely effective in making your home visible at night. It can do wonders for home aesthetic. You can accentuate trees and shrubbery by pointing the flood lights up at the tree from the ground, illuminating them for any passersby to view. You can also go in the opposite direction by casting down lighting that will involve mounting the flood lights high to shed light on the landscape below. After all, you shouldn’t only have to highlight your home’s aesthetic appearance during the day, right? And not only does it improve home aesthetic. It can also give little room for intruders to sneak around.
  3. Outdoor Hanging Lights: Outdoor hanging lights will shed light on doors, reducing the chance of intruders trying to break into the home. In addition, if you are coming home at night, it also provides sufficient lighting to ensure you enter your home safely. They can also highlight the smaller architectural features of your home and bring its aesthetics to new heights.
  4. Post Lanterns and Torches: Looking to improve safety and aesthetic in your backyard? Then lanterns and torches are perfect for backyard decks and pools. If you host any pool parties going well into the night, this will make guests feel at ease. In addition, many intruders will try to enter through the back of your home. This lighting will keep the backyard lit so they will be easily detected.
  5. Pathway Lighting: For any break-ins that could potentially occur through the front door of your home, pathway lighting is a must. While decorative lighting on your home’s entrance way looks nice, it also lowers the chance of intruders having any way to cover up if they plan on entering the home through the front entrance. Another safety benefit is that it also provides you with a safe pathway in case you need to evacuate your home or are looking to take a nighttime stroll. Plus, if you are pulling into your driveway, you will have comfortable lighting welcoming you back home.

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If any of these options sound appealing to you, contact Reliable Electrical Services today to learn more about how we can keep your home secure with outdoor safety lighting!