It’s official! We’re a Neighborhood Favorite

Nextdoor has announced that Reliable Power Systems is an annual Neighborhood Favorite, the only business awards program based on recommendations from neighbors.

American Express sponsors this year’s Neighborhood Favorites as part of their “Let’s Go Shop Small®” summer campaign.

As a result of Nextdoor’s 54 million business recommendations, neighbors can make real-life connections with nearby businesses.

Local businesses were selected based on how many likes and recommendations they received on Nextdoor in the past year.

“Neighbors on Nextdoor have been eager to show support for local businesses throughout the pandemic.

Neighborhood Favorites offers a way for neighbors to recognize and celebrate the businesses and service providers that make their neighborhoods vibrant and unique,” said Heidi Andersen, head of revenue at Nextdoor. “We know that when businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive, so it was a natural fit to team up with American Express, a company with a long-standing history of supporting small businesses.”

About Nextdoor, Inc.

With Nextdoor, you can connect to the neighborhoods that matter to you. We strive to create a world where everyone has a neighborhood they can count on. Globally, neighbors turn to Nextdoor for trusted information, help, and real-world connections – with neighbors, businesses, and public services. Nearly 275,000 neighborhoods in 11 countries use Nextdoor. The app is used by nearly one in three households in the United States.

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