Don’t Wait Until Hurricane Season to Install a Generator

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Residents of Palm Beach and Broward counties know that hurricanes are no stranger to Florida; they can potentially devastate your community, causing damage and knocking your power out for anywhere from hours to weeks. To prevent this, many homeowners have standby generators installed to act as a layer of protection when such events occur. But if you think of a standby generator as something you’ll need only during hurricane season, think again: These workhorses can protect you and your family all year long. What’s more, if you want to have one in time for hurricane season, you’ll need to act now.

A standby generator is installed outside of your home and runs on propane or natural gas, kicking on automatically when an outage hits. At Reliable Power Systems, we provide our community with grade-A generator installation, repair, and maintenance services, ensuring you and your home are better prepared when storms make landfall.

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Why You Should Have a Standby Generator Installed ASAP

Standby generators are a must-have for homeowners living along the coast. Because of the frequency of harsh storms, you need a machine you can depend on to keep everything working as it should and keep you and your loved ones protected. Below, we’ve listed several reasons why you should call Reliable Power Systems to install a standby generator at your home before hurricane season arrives:

Fully protect your home and appliances from outages

Unlike portable generators, standby generators are hard-wired to your home, connecting all of the necessary appliances that keep you safe and comfortable. By ensuring your power will stay on, you don’t have to risk throwing out spoiled food or lacking refreshing air conditioning.

Connected power source means little maintenance

Standby generators run on your home’s natural or propane gas, meaning you don’t have to constantly refill them like you’d have to with a portable generator.

Save money and prevent waste

By preventing things like spoiled food and broken-down appliances, generators will inevitably save you money in grocery and repair costs. While generators might seem like a large investment initially, they will eventually pay for themselves as a result of their many benefits.

Avoid a shortage in generators

When the hurricane season begins ― and especially when a storm is advancing on the area ― there will likely be a large number of people in search of a standby generator. By preparing ahead, you’ll easily skip the line and have yours already installed and readily available when you need it the most.

Choose Reliable Power Systems for Quality Standby Generator Services Today

With a team of over 100 members and more than 50 vehicles in our fleet, we at Reliable Power Systems will be there for you when you need us. Our fleet includes installation trucks, service and maintenance trucks, and supervisory vehicles, so you can rest assured knowing we’re fully equipped with the necessary components to get each job done quickly and efficiently. No other generator company can install as quickly as Reliable Power Systems, and no other company can support their maintenance members like Reliable Power Systems! Time is of the essence — we are currently booking generator services for May and June, so don’t wait to schedule your appointment!

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