Generator Service in North Miami, FL

Posted On: October 29, 2013

Without proper maintenance, generators won’t work properly

A customer called during a power outage because his Generac generator did not work and he wanted someone to come out and service it. He said it looked as though it was powering up, but it was not supplying any power.

In this particular case, the generator had not been properly maintained for a couple of years. Much like a car, a generator has to be checked regularly – usually twice a year – so it can run efficiently. Because of this, if it’s not maintained as it should be, a generator will not work when you need it most.

We all know what happens to a car when you don’t get an oil change. You can’t drive it. Well, a generator shutting down is its way of telling you it needs its oil changed, and possibly it’s filter, too. Having a technician come out and maintain your generator will ensure that it’s always in working order, with enough oil to keep it going until the next check-up.

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